Carter Beauty Cosmetics My Honest Opinion

There is nothing like the launch of a new beauty brand to get the community talking. And let me tell you, the launch of Carter Beauty did just that, and then some.

I was invited along to a preview of the brand the day before it’s official launch. I was genuinely so intrigued by the brand. Launching 100+ products in one go is a task that few would be capable of achieving successfully! However, my own opinion and the opinion of many others in the beauty industry is that Marissa Carter managed to create a well-rounded, highly competitive, and super quality brand that I’m sure will turn heads.

Like every brand, some products are better than others. Some won’t work for certain people. BUT, some are brilliant and I’m sure will become staples in makeup lover’s collections.

I haven’t tried the full range yet, obvs , but I have tried a few bits and I want to give you all my honest feedback on them so you can decide for yourself if, and what you would like to try out.

BTW, I have an Insta Stories Highlight saved on this range where I show my first impressions, updated and general consensus on some of the range. Check out my Instagram here for a sneak peek.

The first product I want to chat about is the ‘Hold Tight Perfecting Primer’ €7.95. If you look at my insta stories you will see I struggled to use this primer on first use. I couldn’t get the dropper on the bottle to work. But, if you continue watching my story you will see I finally now know how to use it. Bloody thing had me driven demented.

This primer claims to ‘smooths away pores, texture, and absorbs any shine without feeling dry or flaky, leaving you with a flawless matte finish’. In general, I do like the product. It isn’t my favourite primer I have ever used but it does feel very smoothing on the skin.  Foundation glides on after using this. Because I like a hydrating primer I think that’s where this primer falls down for me. I’d imagine more combo/oilier skins might like this a tad better.

It does mention that it is fragrance free but I do get a smell off it at first which dissipates as I rub it in (not sure whats going on there).

The packaging is something I am not sure if I like. It’s easy to use (once you know how!!!) but I find my bottle leaks a little. It is obviously not air tight and because of this my product seems to evaporate. This happened me before with a product that was packaged the same so I’m thinking thats what the issue is. Anyone else have this issue?

The ‘Full Measure HD Foundation’ €9.95 is the product that I think impressed me most. This claims to be a lightweight, long-lasting with medium to full coverage foundation which leaves a flawless finish.

I have to tell ya, I’m impressed. This isn’t FULL coverage like Kat Von D’s ‘Lock it’ but it most definitely covers a multitude! I think it is actually enough coverage for me and trust me, I like a decent level of cover. It’s full while still maintaining a natural finish. Dare I say it, this foundation reminds me of the Inglot HD foundation. It has a similar consistency, thick and a little creamy and gives a similar finish. Although I do prefer the Carter Beauty version.

For sure, it is most definitely long lasting too. I tested this with no primer, with the Carter Beauty primer and with some other favourite primers and in general the foundation lasted (without any touchups) extremely well on my skin, for at least 10 hours. That for me is a sign that this foundation stands up to its wear time claims.

I also do like the packaging. It’s simple and the pump is very handy. The only down side I can see for this product is that it is just too drying on my skin. I really wish it wasn’t! I’ve tried loads of different ways to wear it but as the day goes on it becomes more drying, and more cakey on me. I know this is because my skin is on the drier side. The awl fine lines don’t help either to be honest!! I think this foundation would work best for someone with combo to oilier skin types or maybe someone more ‘youthful’ that moi! You get me?

At the minute this foundation comes in 12 shades. I’m shade Caramel Chew which I think is an equivalent to Mac’s NC20. The lack of darker shades has caused a bit of a stir. I genuinely expected there to be a more diverse shade range. I totally get that you can only launch a certain number of products at once and I know that there are plans to extend the range. But I do think this is so important.

The brand is so diverse with the range of products, don’t limit it with the shade selection. Marissa did mention that all the other pharmacy brands have only a small shade selection and none of them have darker shades available in pharmacies. Totally agree! But, why not be different from the rest? Carter Beauty may be a pharmacy priced brand but the quality is of a higher standard. For me, having a more diverse range of shades sets Carter Beauty apart from typical pharmacy brands and more on the lines of high end brands, just like Marissa wants! So you darker skin guys and gals, watch this space. I’ve a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

Moving on to the ‘Mini Highlight Palettes’ €7.95. They come in two shades and the shade I have is Blaze which is the more cashmere type shades. The other palette is Pegasus which isn’t as appealing to me shade wise so I am delighted I got the one I did.

Carter Beauty states that this palette ‘combines four universally flattering shades in tones of a light gold, pearly ivory, bright copper and shimmering peach. This convenient quad adds intense luminosity and glow to any complexion.’

Right, where do I start?! I do like the shades in this palette. I love the convenience of having the four shades together and I do love how inexpensive the palette is for the size of it. There isn’t much mini about these!

The only thing I am not so sure of is the actual pigment. When I first used the palette I didn’t get much from it at all but the more I use it the more pigment is coming through. That can happen with palettes! With that said, I am using it every day. I’m using it more as a blush topper and a day time appropriate highlight and I am enjoying it. I just wouldn’t necessarily opt for this if I was looking to be seen from space!! But, if a subtle, more delicate highlight is your thing then this palette is worth a go.

I find the shade selection beautiful, the price point is right and the packaging is very cute.

All hail my new favourite eyeliner. The ‘Supreme Gel Liner’ €4.95 is the business! This claims to be ‘a jet black gel eyeliner which delivers a smooth, fluid line and gives an intense finish.’.

Yep, what more can I say?! They most definitely nailed this one. Pigmented, long lasting, easy to apply and super black. This is officially staying in my makeup collection for years to come. And for that small price you can’t ask for more. This comes highly recommended.

The last product and the one that again caused a lot of chat was the 18 Shade Eyeshadow Palettes €14.95  which claim to be high quality, buildable, and blendable for a customised look.

Can we just start by saying!!! What a price point!! These palettes are massive for price of them. I did see some people mention that the quality of the shadows were not great and they had lots of fall out from them. I also seen that some people had issues with the matte shades.

Honestly,I have had NO issues whatsoever with my palette. I have the Smooth Nude version and for me, it is just that. Smooth, easy to use with the most amazing range of nudes. Seriously, I cannot stop using this palette. It is great for every day looks, for more intense looks or for using along side other shimmer palettes to add more depth.

The shades are all so pigmented. I love the range of shades in the palette and absolutely LOVE that there are so many warm toned shades. Couldn’t have picked the shades better myself.

I also really appreciate the packaging and the fact that there is no mirror. I love that I can see the shades before I open the palette. This is especially handy for makeup artists kits. Another great thing is that the palettes are lightweight so easy for travel. The names of the shades make me giggle too.

I couldn’t recommend this palette in particular enough. If you have tried any of the other palettes be sure to leave a comment below of your experiences. I’m not sure if other palettes are not as fab as this one! All I can go on for now, until I try more, is my own experiences.

So there we have it. A little round up of my thoughts on the Carter Beauty range. A tad bit of a mixed bag for me. But I can say, I have thoroughly tested the products I have tried and am happy to stand over my opinion on them.

Oh and very important! Did I mention that all Carter Beauty Cosmetics are Cruelty Free and Peta Approved?! You can buy Carter Beauty Cosmetics direct from their website or if you prefer to see the products in person you can head to the Carter Beauty Cosmetics Insta page where they have a stockist Highlight saved.

What have you tried or what do you want to try from the range? Let me know all your thoughts below.

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Anita xxx

I did receive these products as press samples. However, as you can see from the above review that doesn’t have any impact on my honesty!! 


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