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My obsession with essence cosmetics is growing by the day!!! I recently added a load of new products from their range to my collection (after I attended an event and was allowed pick some products I wanted to try). I’m loving them all to be honest but, three products really do stand out for me. Forget the price, forget the brand, these products are ones I would repurchase time and time again, no matter what they cost. But it’s even better that they costs less than €20 for all three of them.

Let’s start with the one that I have blabbed on and on about on social media. The Fresh & Fit Awake Makeup is my new favourite. This is one of those foundations that just works for me, with no fuss.  The light reflective particles make my skin look fresh and radiant without looking too shiny. It would definitely say this is a light to medium coverage. Use a damp sponge for a sheer application while a kabuki brush will definitely give you extra coverage. I also love the texture of this. It feels very light weight and looks quiet natural.  It’s almost cooling on the skin, maybe this is down to the fact that it contains cranberry water. Whatever it is I am obsessed.

This does have a strong enough scent. I personally like it but I know others that are not a fan. I do wish this came in more shades. 4 shades really isn’t enough. Thankfully my shade is available. I use 30 fresh honey.

I do have normal/dehydrated skin and this works great for me. If you have oily skin this may not work as well for you as it can look pretty glowing on the skin. Oilier skins don’t tend to need extra glow! If you have oily skin and have tried this, let us know below what you thought of it.

Overall, I am totally smitten with this foundation. It is my new every day go to. I honestly can’t get enough. This costs €6.25 for 30ml and worth every cent in my opinion. What do you think?

Next up is the Brighten Up! Banana Powder. How have I not discovered this sooner. Seriously, if you like a bright under eye, pick this up when you see it next. It’s bloody brilliant.

This is simply a matte, pale yellow toned powder that can be used to set your under eye concealer and other areas you my have highlighted, particularly down the centre of your face. I really enjoy this powder. I find it doesn’t emphasise the fine lines under my eyes and actually even smooths them out.

I’ve often used this all over to set my foundation and I think it can look great used like that too. This also comes in a soft peach powder which would suit more sallow skins. I have to give this a go for when I am tanned. I’ve heard a rumour that these powders may be discontinued. I really hope this is wrong but just to be sure I am going to stock up on this as I think this is going to be a staple of mine going forward. Um, I can’t remember the exact price of this but it is around €5, bargain!!

Last on my list today is the Lash Princess Volume Mascara. Again, Hello!!! Why I am only trying this now. I have tried loads of essence mascaras before and cannot say I disliked one of them but this is definitely one of my favourites.

It gives my lashes loads of volume but still looks natural. I also find it gives my lashes length and separation that lots of other mascaras don’t give me. Honestly, I don’t know why I bother paying expensive for high end mascaras when essence mascaras do such a good job. I think I will be sticking to them in the future. I’ve been thinking, would you all be interested in a comparison post on the essence mascaras?I think this would be loads of fun and really helpful in choosing the right one for you, what do you think? There are three different princess mascaras. This volume one, a false lash effect one (next on my hit list) and the sculpted volume mascara. They retail for €4.10. Like serious, can you actually go wrong?!

There you have it. My top three essence cosmetics products? What are your favourites? I know I am rambling a lot about essence lately but I can’t help it. They really have become a favourite of mine. You can see all these products on me in the photo above.

Let me know your favourites and recommendations below. I need to try everything!!!

essence is available in Penneys and pharmacies nationwide. You are going to love the range.

You can check my review of the essence spring/Summer ’18 releases here if you fancy a seeing more from me.

Have a lovely day sweetie

Anita xx



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    April 19, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    Can I ask where you found the powder? My local Essence stockists (one chemist, one Penneys) did not have it. I am in Dublin. Thanks!

    • Reply
      April 25, 2018 at 3:23 pm

      Hi. I got some in Blanchardstown but I do know they can be hard to get. I just pick them up as I see them as I know they will be gone when I go back x

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