essence ‘& the lovely little things’ face palette

Is this not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? The entire ‘& the lovely little things’ trend edition from essence cosmetics brings cuteness to a whole new level. However, the stand out for me has to be this Face palette. At only €7.50 for 6 decent sized pans this is something that is most definitely worth adding to your collection.

Yes, the packaging plays havoc with my inner child but the best thing for me is the products are actually pretty darn brilliant too.

In this palette you get two highlighters, two contour shades and two blushes. The highlight shades are not the most pigmented but for everyday use they are spot on. The blushes and the contours though are something special. They blend effortlessly while adding a decent amount of colour. The contours are both matte while all the others have a slight sheen to them.

Yes, this most definitely isn’t a high end product. You are lacking some pigmentation but you get just enough for a daytime look. This is my go to everyday face palette at the moment. This is taking the place of some of my higher end, much more extensive products. That must say something right?

This collection is limited edition and available until mid September. Be sure to get this while you can.

This product works for everyone. From a teen experimenting with makeup to someone like me that knows a good product when they see it. The palette also caters for lots of skintones. The contours come in a light and slightly darker shade. One of the blushes leans on the pink side while the other is much warmer and the highlighters work for lots skin tones as one is pink while the other is more champagne. I think most people will find something they can use in this palette. I can use all the shades. They all work great for me.

This trend edition is available now in Penneys.

Pick this up if you see it around, trust me!!

I would have to rate this product 5 out of 5. It could loose marks for slight lack of pigmentation but to be honest I cannot justify the drop in marks. For the price it does an absolutely super job.

Be sure to rate and comment below if this is something you have tried. I would love to hear how you got on with it.

Anita xx

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