Five Dermalogica Products I’m Loving

Dermalogica sent me a 12 days to glow advent calendar back in December! I was chuffed, not only because I love a good advent but also because I got to trial some new products while stocking up on travel friendly versions of my favourites.

After using them all over Christmas I thought I would do a round up of some of my favourites. Some are products I’ve loved for a while now while others are new to me. I know Dermalogica can be really expensive (particularly the Biolumin C Serum below) so I would recommend asking for some samples before you buy anything and be sure to get a skin consultation. I tried to pick products that would suit lots of different skin types and ones I know others with different skin to me enjoy but still, these are only my thoughts. If you have tried any of these, please comment on this post with your experience and a bit about your skin, that way we can all learn from each other…

Here are my Top Five..

Precleanse (balm) €52.50 and €46.50 for Oil

I’ve used both the balm and the original precleanse oil for a long time now and love them both equally. The balm is probably less messy to use but they both work just as well as each other so it’s a matter of preference. Here is why I love it so much

  • A great first step in a double cleanse routine
  • Thoroughly removes makeup with minimal effort (even mascara and gel liner)
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Even though it is an oil it doesn’t clog pores
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Great for Normal to Dry skin

Daily Microfoliant €59.50 for 75g

Again, I am using this for many years now and tend to use this every second day as a way of lightly exfoliating my skin. This is a rice powder that turns to an cream exfoliator when activated with water

  • Very gentle on the skin
  • Can be used daily
  • Any product applied over it will penetrate the skin even further
  • Doesn’t tend to ‘go bad’ because it is not a cream products so it lasts ages
  • Only need a tiny amount, again making it last a long time
  • Can be mixed with a cleanser to up your cleansing game
  • Skin feels soft, refreshed and more youthful after use

Skin Smoothing Cream €67.80 for 100ml

This is new to me but the minute I used the deluxe sample I fell in love and need to now order a full size product.

  • Skin feels so hydrated and subtle after use
  • Still feels great the next morning
  • No fuss, results driven cream
  • Maintains the skin’s barrier against environmental factors

There is another product that I am using right now. Their new Intensive Moisture Balance Cream which I am loving too and it may well replace this. I will be sure to do a full post when I give it a go road test.

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 €79.50 for 50ml

I find this product to be fuss free, effective and just an all round very decent product.

  • Contains broad spectrum SPF 50
  • This isn’t too heavy or thick so great for use under makeup
  • Leaves the skin looking healthy but not too shiny so good for most skin types
  • This is hydrating and comfortable on the skin. Really dry skins might not find this moisturising enough
  • I love that it moisturises as well as providing a high quality protection

Biolumin- C Serum €95.50 for 1oz (Holy Crap, that’s expensive!!)

I really enjoyed using this product. It is almost like a lightweight oil (really unique texture actually!)

  • Vitamin C product to help brighten and even out the skin
  • Skin feels subtle and radiant after use
  • Lightweight so great to use under other skincare products
  • This also contains lactic acid which aids cell turnover providing a gentle exfoliation to the skin
  • My skin is not irritated after using this product which is great as it has such powerful, hard working ingredients

So, there ya go!! Five Dermalogica products I am really digging lately. What is your favourite product? I am really curious to try more of the brand. I think Dermalogica got lost in the background over the last number of years with so many new skincare brands launching. However, I always find, when I go back to using the products I always see results. They have stood the test of time and for sure are worthy of that position.

Let me know below what I need to try next……

Have a lovely day

Anita xxx

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