Flormar Double Radiance Primer

Yaaaaassssss Flormar!!! You did good!! Their Double Radiance Primer has quickly become a firm favourite of mine since I tried it back in September last year.

This product is designed to be a makeup primer while adding a natural radiance to the skin. I originally added this to my collection for the highlighting properties rather than the priming benefits but it does a decent job at both.

Lemme just say! If your skin is on the pale side, this isn’t going to be the most flattering. However, if you wear fake tan or have a naturally sallow complexion then this will knock your socks off. For even darker skins it will make a banging highlight. Flormar, if you are listening please fix the porcelain peeps up with a lighter shade.

It just adds such a stunning glow to the skin and takes any products you apply over it to a new level. It is perfect for using under or mixed with foundations that you find are a little too matte. Or, if you want to up the radiance of your current products this will work great. Although, it doesn’t look overly glowy on the skin it does just add a subtle glow that for me, is natural but noticeable.

I love the texture of this. It is very lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It also has a very subtle but beautiful scent.

This can be used as a liquid highlighter also but I would recommend not using this on top of foundation. I find it can cake slightly. Instead it is gorge used on the collar bones, décolleté and even the backs of your legs. It doesn’t give a ‘see it from the space’ type of highlight. Instead it gives a radiance and glow that screams golden goddess. STUNNING!!

This isn’t a bad primer either. I don’t feel it is the best primer as far as giving your foundation extra staying power. But, I do think it helps foundations and concealers blend well and it definitely improves the overall look of the skin . It also isn’t the primer to choose if you are looking to minimise the look of pores (but it doesn’t claim to be either).

This does contain SPF 10 which is pretty pointless I think but they obviously have their reasons to add this in. I don’t ever use it as my sun protection.

So, what do ya think? Will you be running out to grab yourself a Flormar Double Radiance Primer? If you like lightweight and great quality products that add a naturally stunning J Lo glow then get on this asap. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

The packaging is pretty nice too. It screams high quality and the pump makes it very easy to dispense only the right amount. I love when thought goes into packaging. Thanks Flormar!

This retails for €12.95. You can find your local Flormar stockist here.  Ohhhh and I think this would go really well along side my Summer skincare essentials which you can check out here if you fancy listening to me waffle for a little longer.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anita xx

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