GlowDry Australia – Review

If you are like me (let’s just say a fake tan enthusiast to keep things mild) then you know the struggles associated with a false tan application. Sticky, smelly and brown sheets are not the most attractive features of a faux glow but ones that I have bared for many years! I just simply ‘got on with it’ not thinking there was an alternative. One day GlowDry Australia cropped up on my insta feed and I was all over it. I will delve a little more into the claims soon but for now all you need to know is from the minute I seen this new invention (because that’s what it is) I thought all my fake tan misfortunes had come to a ‘glowy’ end.

GlowDry Claims

Applied directly after tan (wait around 2 minutes) this product claims to not only dry the tan but also get rid of the stickiness (woohoo)

States you can get dressed immediately after use

Claims to mask the odours of all fake tan smells

Claims to eliminate transfer onto clothes and bed clothes

Allow you to go about your day, stick and odour free. Perfect for the busy babes in us.

My thoughts..

To this day I am still on the fence about this product. I am starting to enjoy it a lot more than I did at first. At the beginning I just couldn’t get it to work. I felt whenever I applied it I was sticky about an hour afterwards. Also, the smell was still there in my opinion.

However, as time went on and I got a little more familiar with the product I did start to see results. I think I was originally putting too little on and maybe applying it too soon. I actually think the wait time depends on the tan. For example some tans (particularly mousse formulas) dry down quicker so the two minutes is spot on. For some lotions I need to leave until I can feel they are no longer damp and just sticky and then apply the powder. This definitely works a lot better for me.

When it comes to transfer I do think this works well. I like the idea of having a layer between my clothing and my tan and definitely the stains have reduced.

The smell again for me depends on the tan. But there is no doubt it does mask some of the tan smell. The problem is if you wear at night and maybe sweat a little during the night.  I do still smell the tan the morning after but not to the extent that I would if I didn’t use this product.

So, overall, if I was to summarise I do have to say I enjoy this product. I do use it a fair bit and do find it definitely helps mask some of the nasties but at the same time I am not convinced it gets rid of the smell, the stickiness and the transfer 100% especially with certain fake tans. I’ll of course continue to use this but I am using it a long time now so I am pretty familiar with it.

I do have two things I am not a fan of about this product. I feel its a tad messy to apply. The packaging has no sifter so the powder can go everywhere.

Also, I am not a big fan of the glitter particles in this product. I tend to break out if I use this on my face. If I want my tan not to transfer then I am most definitely going to use this on my face. Maybe GlowDry might invent a facial one with added skincare benefits. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  

Your thoughts?

So, tell me? Have you tried the product? What are your thoughts on it? I put up a poll on my instagram a while back and it was a real split opinion so I am curious what you think?

Do let us know below by commenting and also rating the product below by clicking the little hearts under this post.

GlowDry is available online here or from Roches pharmacy. The starter kit is around €32 for the powder and brush and you can get 15% off using my code on Roches of Adorn1.

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Tanning

Anita xxx

PS. I bought this product with my own money originally and one starter kit was gifted to me afterwards. As ever this will not change my opinion in any way..


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    Dawn Jordan
    February 29, 2024 at 2:27 am

    I ordered medium and it arrives it’s so light even whiter than my legs. I’m very disappointed

    • Reply
      March 5, 2024 at 7:14 pm

      Hi Dawn. Thats such a pity. Is it the tan you ordered? I havent tried the tan, just the powder and I do love that

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