Image Skincare Vital C Masque

Lately, I have totally avoided physical exfoliatants (the ones with the beads) mainly because I find they cause irritation. Instead, I use enzyme based products. These will gently eat away at the dead skin, revealing a healthier, brighter complexion.

My mask of choice for this form of exfoliation is the Image Skincare, Vital C Hydrating enzyme masque. This is hands down the most results driven, effective mask I have ever used and believe me, I have tried a fair few in my time.

Not only does this product slough away the build up of dead, dry skin but it also boosts the skin by adding vitamins, minerals and even anti-oxidants, all of which are essential for the health of our skin. The results we are left with are fresh, clear, even and hydrated skin. I cannot get enough of this product.

Image Skincare Vital C Masque

This can be used daily if you wish. However, I would suggest using it less often and for a shorter period of time to begin with. This is a highly active product and so the skin needs to adapt to it if it is not used to products like this. Once you build up the skins tolerance, it can be used daily for up to 30 mins. This is really beneficial for extremely dull skin. If my skin is in need of some real TLC I will apply a very thin layer over my face and leave it on overnight. My skin will look super the morning after!

The best thing for me about this product is that it can be used on so many skin types. It is particularly amazing for dry, dehydrated and aging skin. It is not irritating (once that tolerance is built up) so even sensitive skins, particularly those that suffer from rosacea can see benefits with this also. Oily, Acne prone skins tend to be dull in tone, again this mask is great to help with this. I would say pretty much any skin type will benefit from this. I notice a big improvement in my pigmentation when using this regularly.

Image Products are available in lots of salons and skin clinics throughout the globe. The best thing for me is that not just anyone can sell the products. Only people educated in their products are allowed sell them, meaning that you have professional, expert advice available in all retail locations. You can find your nearest stockist on the Renaissance Clinic Website.

I cannot find any flaws with this product and that says a lot. Not only do I recommend this product to everyone but I have also bought it for people who I think will benefit from it. I just want everyone to get the benefit from this.

Have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts on it? Don’t forget to share your experience and rate the product below.

Obviously this gets a huge 5 star rating from me. Don’t forget to rate this product below!

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