Indigo Mermaid Effect

Obsession isn’t the word to describe my relationship with the Indigo Mermaid Effects. There are so many variations of this type of product on the market! Believe me I have tried the lot but none of them compare to my beloved Indigo.

So what are they? Well, they are dusts/fine glitters that you rub into a dispersion (tacky layer after curing) layer or place into a non cured, no wipe top coat to create the most mesmerising, stunning finish.


Indigo have so many different types of mermaid effects. Everything from neons to pastels (which I will review in a later post) but first I want to show you all my absolute favouirites which are the regular mermaid and the mermaid black.

Just look at them!!! In the below photo I have done comparisons of them all. Firstly, at the bottom,  you will see five polishes from the Indigo Miami collection (again I will review these in later posts), next, to the right you can see these five with the original dust rubbed into the dispersion layer of the gel polish after curing.

The next five are the original mermaid placed into a non cured, no wipe top coat and then cured under a lamp. This gives almost a sugared effect.

Lastly, is the Mermaid Black dust rubbed into the dispersion layer of the gel polish. This for me gives a real unicorn look. It has so many different levels to it and is truly stunning in my opinion.

Which effect is your favourite?

For the nails which you have rubbed the product in to the tacky layer they will need to be top coated. I usually apply two thin layers of top coat to ensure there is no chipping (make sure to cap your free edge). The sugared effect ones should not be top coated otherwise you will loose the effect.

I can honestly say nothing bad about these products. They transform any colour into something wonderful, a tiny amount goes a very long way, they are seriously high quality and best of all they are very inexpensive. You can purchase these and all Indigo products from the Indigo website. But, be prepared you are going to want it all!!!

Of course these get a huge 5 out of 5 rating from me. I genuinely have had no problems with them at all.

Have you tried these Mermaid dusts or anything else from Indigo Nails? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping nail peeps.

Anita xx

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    September 24, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Hi, my nail obsession began almost a year ago. I began buying cheap gel polishes from Born Pretty and Aliexpress but they took forever to get here and once I discovered the quality of Indigo nail products I stopped ordering from China. Their builder gels are very easy to work with too. I used a lot of the Miami range this summer, it’s amazing how many different nail looks you can get with just a few colours and some effects. I also love the mermaid effect especially Mermaid Black II but if you loved those, you will also love Indigo Pixel effect – so sparkly! I have a (very neglected) nail blog which I haven’t updated since using regular nail polish – I now use only gels – but the craziness at work will soon be easing off and I’ll be ordering some Autumn colours from Indigo and continuing my love of nail stamping. Can’t wait to use my Christmas stamping plates! Sorry for going on and on! Lovely to discover your blog.
    P.S. I am currently wearing a nude Indigo colour for the office but I couldn’t resist adding a discreet amount of their Swarovski crystals – so tiny, but so much sparkle!!

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