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One of my favourite parts of blogging is the fact that I get to try some brands and products that I wouldn’t have necessarily tried off my own back. I was sent the Kiss NY Pro brow products months back and I can honestly say, apart from one or two days here and there, I have used absolutely nothing else on my brows since. Now I can share my new finds with you and hopefully you might find something that works for you too.

There are nine brow products in the line in total. I have tried five and have fallen for two in particular.

Top Brow Sculpting Brow Pencil (€14.99) is my favourite of the bunch. This takes the fuss and time out of doing my brows. On one end there is a triangular tip which is shaped in a way that the thinnest end can be used for areas where you want to be a little more precise while the thicker part can be used to fill in the bulk of the brow. The formulation and texture of this product, for me, is perfect. It is not too waxy but yet it is waxy enough to allow it to stay in place all day long without budging. Wax based products are best for filling in areas where there are no/sparse hairs. The wax sticks to the skin creating a natural, longer lasting result.

The other end of this product is a gel brow mascara and to be honest I don’t use this. The brush dispenses too much product for me and because I don’t actually have a lot of brow hair (I have microblading) this tends to look patchy on me. However, I have tried this on fuller brows and it works great for setting the brows and adding a small amount of definition. These are great for use on fuller brows on no makeup days, just to add a little something.

The only negative I would say about this product, and any product with the triangular end is that the precision end goes blunt after a few uses and so it isn’t as easy to create that real sharp line anymore. I normally will just clean up with a q tip to get the line looking a little more defined. This comes in 4 shades and I use shade Brunette.

If I want a super sharp line I tend to opt for the Top Brow Fine Precision Brow Pencil (€11.99). This is a dual ended pencil with an ultra-fine tip on one side and a spoolie on the other. It’s no joke, this has such a precise point to it. I love to use this to draw out the shape of my brows and then I like to fill in the bulk with the sculpting pencil (above). It is also amazing to use at the front (the end closest to the nose) of the brow to draw in fine, natural looking hair strokes. The spoolie is soooo good too. Such amazing quality products. This is available in 6 shades and again I am shade Brunette.

Next up is the Top Brow Brow Kit (€11.99). This is one of those standard brow palettes. It contains a wax, two powders, a spoolie, angled brush and a mini tweezers. I don’t tend to use powder on my brows anymore. I feel I get a more natural finish with a pencil but for anyone that does like a powder then this is definitely a decent option. The powders have a good colour pay off, are not powdery and last well on the brows. I don’t really rate the tools though. They are not great for using on a daily basis however this kit is great for on the go and for top ups. I am in the shade Brunette in this also but it is available in 4 shades.

Top Brow Brow Cream (€8.99) is totally fabulous. This reminds me of a brow pomade, like the ABH ones. It works amazing on all types of brows and is so natural looking. I use an angled brush with this and I can create a really sharp, defined looking brow. Also, I find this so easy to apply and once it dries down it is not going to budge for the day. I have shade Chocolate in this, I think Brunette would suit me best so once I have this one finished i’ll defo get that shade. This is available in 6 shades again.

The last product I want to share is Top Brow Highlighting Duo (€11.99) which is a dual ended chubby pencil that has a matte highlight on one end and shimmer on the other. So the idea of this is to use these under the brow to accentuate the brow even more.

I do like it for this purpose but I use it for lots of other things too. I use the matte shade instead of a concealer to clean up my brows. It is also great to use in the water line to brighten the eyes and make them appear bigger and its deadly to use instead of a concealer for a cut crease eye look too. The shimmer shade is great as an eye base and in the inner corner to add some glow. Yep, this really is a great little product. Because they dry down they can be used in a variety of ways and will last all day long.

So there we have it! Can you see that I am pretty impressed?! There are so many stockists of this range including some McCabes, Lloyds, Health Express Pharmacies and lots more. Please comment below if you need your local stockist or DM on any social media.

Have you tried this brand yet? What product is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to rate the products by clicking the hearts below.

Sorry if this was a super rambling post. It had to be done.

Anita xxx

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