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We all know by now that I have an obsession with anything to do with nails! Whether its the latest nail trend or nail treatment products you’ve got my attention.

I was so delighted when I was contacted and ask would I be interested in reviewing some Mavala products. I hadn’t tried this brand in years but I always had good experiences with them in the past so I was only too happy to give them another go.

I have tried these out for a fair few weeks now and I am ready to give my final verdict. Here we go!!

Lets start with my favourite. The Daily Protection Hand Cream is so luxurious. I do need to say first off that the scent is quiet strong but I bloody well love it. The minute I took a sniff it brought me back in time, such a nostalgic scent. The cream itself is pretty impressive too. It is super hydrating and soothing thanks to the collagen and allantoin ingredients. I found this hand cream absorbed so well into my skin and gave instant relief to my overworked, fragile hands. This cream is no joke so if you suffer from rough, irritated or dry hands then this one is a great choice. These retails for around €17 for 50ml.

Another product that has become a daily staple of mine is the Nutritive Oil for Cuticles. I harp on so much about using cuticle oil on the daily to maintain healthy and pretty looking hands and nails. Mavala have designed a really handy little cuticle pen which is designed for use on the go. With one swipe you get just the right amount of cuticle oil. It is fuss free, easy to use and doubles up as a soft cuticle pusher so while you are adding your oil you can also tidy up your cuticle area, what a great idea. The oil itself contains some of the best oils in the business including sunflower, olive, sweet almond and wheat germ oils. It also contains vitamins A, E and F. I use this a lot throughout the day and I have genuinely seen a difference in my cuticles. I love how travel friendly this is and because the packaging is white it is easy to spot in your handbag! This retails for around €13.

Next up is a product which was something very new to me and something I was seriously interested in. Mavala Scientifique is a nail hardener but with a difference. Normally we apply nail hardeners all over the nail but with this one you only apply it to the free edge (tip of the nail). It claims to restore soft, flaking or splitting nails to their normal and strong aspect. This product baffled me a little. The nail tip is most definitely fully keratinised (dead) and so I wondered how this would work to harden the entire nail. I used this and have to say I did notice a difference in my nails however I do think that this product simply hardens the tip of the nail and not the whole nail, which is ok because most of the weakness in natural nails is at the tip . Don’t mistake this for a nail strengthener though!! Without getting all technical nail hardeners will only artificially fill in any loss of keratin bonds in the nail while strengtheners will work to rectify and correct any loss of keratin bonds or moisture in the nails. Nail hardeners can make the nail too hard and hence easy to crack and break. With this in mind please follow the instructions on this product which are to use it only on nail tips (while protecting the skin around the area) maximum twice a week and reduce to two/three times a month once your nails are hard enough. I would always suggest using a nail strengthener when using a nail hardener to ensure the nail doesn’t become over brittle or too rigid! This product needs to be taken seriously but really works wonders if used with care and along with a nail strengthener. This retails for €17 for 5ml.

Mavala do a huge range of Mini Nail Colours and I was sent three to try out. I have to be honest when I say that these are not my favourite polishes of all time. They do last pretty well on the nail once they have a decent top coat but I found they streaked a little on application and most of the shades took three coats to build up the coverage to my liking. You can apply them thicker and get away with two coats but thinner coats will make the polish last way longer. I do like how fast they dry though. These retail for €5 each for 5ml. UPDATED: After using different colours from the range I am really impressed with them. They colours are beautiful and go on very easy and consistent. I think the darker shade Onyx may have thrown me with these polishes because it was very difficult to apply. I have tried lots of other shades since including darker ones and they all work great.

Last up for today’s review is the Gel Finish Top Coat . Most gel top coats have a thicker consistency and this one if no different. The reason for this is they are designed to give extra volume, gloss and smoothness compared to a regular top coat. They are meant to give the look of a gel polish manicure. I have to say this product gives a beautiful finish. It lasts around four-five days with no chips and creates a beautiful high gloss look. I never believe that anything can replace the longevity and look of a gel polish manicure but if you are someone that likes to change up your nails regularly but still like the high gloss, thicker look then this is a great alternative. Make sure to cap the free edge with this product and also leave to dry for around ten minutes before touching anything, otherwise you might smudge the polish. This retails for  around €18/€19 for 10ml.

You can see that these products aren’t the cheapest on the market. However, I found this range to be very high quality, professional products. You most definitely don’t need everything in the range but if you do have specific nail concerns or are looking for high quality nail products (particularly the top coat) then this is a brand not to be overlooked. They know what they are talking about, particularly in their nail treatments range!

I have seen this brand in lots of pharmacies throughout the country but I also know that FeelUnique and Boots online and one or two stores stock some of the range so this is a good starting point!

Have you tried anything from the brand? What is your favourite product? If you have any nail related questions please feel free to comment below and I will be happy to help

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