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Bold, Summer shades are taking over the nail industry at the moment and The Manicure Company are on trend with their latest Miami Collection release.

This collection was inspired by the bold, vibrancy of Miami and I have to say they hit the NAIL on the head. Excuse the terrible pun!! Not only do the colours scream vivaciousness but the names are pretty apt too. Let’s see what this collection has to offer.

All six colours are highly pigmented, bright and easy to apply. One or two of the shades (Vice in particular) do need three coats to build up to an opaque finish. Apply these shades in three thin coats for best results. The others you will definitely get away with two coats, one if you apply it slightly thicker. I always use the No Wipe Top Coat from the range to get the stunning shine you see in my photos.

The colours range from a bright, sunshine yellow to a deep grass green. My personal favourites are Deco District which is a neon purple shade and South Beach which is the perfect Summer pink.

When I look at gel polish collections, the first thing I decide on is if I have some similar shades in my huge collection already. With over 150 gel polishes I’m bound to get similar shades from time to time. I do have similar shades in my collection to Bayside (Blue) and Coconut Grove (Green) but Deco District (Neon Purple) and Little Havana (Yellow) and Vice (Dark Purple) are very different to any in my collection. I did think I had something similar to Deco District but when I swatched them side by side they were totally different.

If you are looking to update your gel polish collection for the summer months I absolutely think that this is a great way to do that. Some of the shades can definitely be used year round. Like me, lots of clients don’t like dark shades in the colder months so we would choose something like Vice or Deco District as an alternative.

The collection is only €55 for six,  8ml bottles. I love how reasonable it is to update your nail wardrobe with this brand. The delivery, when ordering from the website is super quick too, next day even, to some areas.

To thoroughly test out the collection I not only tried it on my own nails, clients nails (both on natural and over enhancements) but I also used it a fair amount for nail art. Because the polishes are so pigmented you can paint with them very easily. The below picture is all done using only the Miami Collection and some white gel polish (from the Manicure Company too). I did use a small amount of glitter here and there, again all from The Manicure Company. You can see that you can get lots of cool effects while using minimal products. I also mixed the shades with white gel polish to make some lovely pastel shades. I genuinely feel like this is such a versatile collection and can be used in so many ways.

I did review The Manciure Company gel polish when I tried them initially but I do want to just add to that review. Since adding to my collection and working with the products a little more I find that they are lasting much better on natural nails. I am getting 2+ weeks from them and they only tend to break or chip if the nail underneath is weak. I am genuinely very impressed by this brand and what they have offered us nail techs.

I plan to do some posts on my must have colours from the collection but until then I hope you enjoyed taking a trip to Miami with me.

Have you tried this collection? What are your thoughts on it?  Will you be purchasing it if you haven’t already.

The Manicure Company gel polishes can be bought direct from their website or from the stockists listed here.

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed wooing over the amazing shades.

Anita xxx

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