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Carter beauty must have read my mind!! I often mixed the Full and Half Measure foundations to create my prefect finish so when I seen the launch of their new Miracle Measure Foundation I was curious was this my little concoction come to life! Let’s talk a closer look shall we?!

The Claims

Always a good place to start. This foundation has lots of claims for sure, some of which confused me a little

  • Medium, Buildable Coverage (Sounds perfect)
  • Radiant, Dewy Finish (YAAASSS)
  • Blurs Fine Lines and Pores (Tick)
  • Improves skin texture (Tick)
  • Reduces redness ( I presume this means the coverage helps disguise the redness?)
  • Controls shine (the dewy finish and control shine confused me)
  • Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid
  • Brightening Vit C
  • Nourishing Vit E
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten & Soy Free
  • Oil Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • and a few more….
I am shade Crème Brule for reference

The Verdict

Lets start with coverage. Absolutely delighted with the coverage the Miracle Measure foundation. The medium, buildable coverage is bang on the money. It definitely covers but without looking too mask like. Big thumbs up!

The finish confused me. Dewy finish but controls shine?? I kind of felt this was contradictory. But after trying it for a while I think I get the idea! So, I think this foundation gives a satin finish. It looks more radiant than dewy on the skin but WOW does it look great! Its not matte either so my normal/dry skin loves it. This gives the most beautiful radiance but without looking sticky (love that word lol).

It does however tend to look a little dry on me as the day goes on. To help with this I apply a really illuminating, strobe like cream before hand and most days this does the job . If I didn’t do this, this foundation would be too drying for me. I also spritz my face during the day so this keeps the hydration levels up and leaves the foundation looking less dry.

Because of this (unique may I say) finish this product feels very high end to me. Luxe makeup for less than €15, would you be able?!

Another really unique quality to this foundation is its staying power. Despite having drier skin foundation tends to move on me so I ALWAYS set my entire face. But not with this foundation. Instead, I just set under my eyes, my laugher lines and around my nose. Powders blend beautiful over this (even when unset). This feels like a novelty for me because I don’t get this luxury very often.

I promise, I’ll stop talking about the staying power soon but one last thing. Because I don’t need to set this I am curious to see how those with oilier skin find the staying power of this after setting it? Do let me know!

I have an IGTV vid demoing me using this (check it out) and I mention in this how I have used loads of different application techniques to apply this as well as trying it with lots of different concealers. But (again for my drier skin) I did find the nicest finish was with a beauty sponge. I have used a brush to apply but because its not very glowy and yes, you’ve guessed it because my skin is dry it appreciates a little more water. So, if I do apply with a brush for extra coverage, ill tap over with a damp sponge.

As far as the skincare claims go. I can’t comment on the benefits of these but I can say that it feels fresh, comfortable and didn’t break me out so I am happy with that. To be honest, I would expect nothing more from skincare ingredients in a foundation anyway.

Packaging is practical. I enjoy the pump dispenser much more than the half measure pipet for sure.


Yep, I do like it. I find the Miracle Measure foundation from Carter Beauty very comfortable to wear once I use the right application techniques and I do find it lasts well. It can get a little dry on my skin as I said but nothing a quick refresh with a facial spritz won’t sort.

If you have used this I’d love you to rate the product below and let me know your experiences.

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Have a super day


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