Morning Routine – Simplified

Let me ask you two simple questions? How do you start your day and do you feel your morning sets you up well for the day ahead? Ok, now, hold that thought?

What if I told you that how you start your day can have an impact on your whole day and (without wanting to sound OTT) your whole life!! It can impact how you feel throughout the day, how you respond to stressers and how productive you are. It basically effects everything!!

But, you don’t have time to spend hours prepping yourself for the day ahead right? Me neither and thats why I have spent what feels like an age trying to find exactly what I need each morning to give me the most effective kick start!

4 Step Framework

I started off following an over complicated, unnecessary routine that I totally flunked at and because it was so counterproductive I decided to give up!!

But, I could see, amongst all the madness that having a ‘morning routine’ really did help me and so I sought to simplify it for myself. Now that I feel I have mastered it, I am ready to share it.

I like to change it up from day to day depending on what I need that day BUT at the same time I love structure and so I decided to devise myself a little framework I can use as a guide each morning. Some days I do one step, some days I do them all. Whatever works for you on any given day is what I would suggest you go with.

I have broken it down to simple, easy to follow steps which can be adapted to your likes, desires and lifestyle!!! Knowing that one routine does not suit everyone I simplified the steps into a 4 Step Framework (one is even done the night before) along with some practical suggestions of how to incorporate the steps into your life. You can then pick and choose what works for you. Plus, its super exciting designing and creating your perfect morning.

How long should you spend on each step? Again, totally your choice. It is not necessarily a case of the longer you spend the better. Its about listening to what you need that morning and making the routine work for you and your life!!

Let’s begin…

Step One: Start the Night before

How you end your day will determine how you start the next one.

Each night, before bed I always like to practice gratitude. Write down, three things you are grateful for today. The universe will reward you with more of the same.

Plan in advance how you want the next day to be. Is there something specific you want to tackle the next day or do you simply want to spend the following day feeling content and happy. Write down what you want and allow your subconscious to create it while you sleep.

This will take all of 5 minutes.

Step Two: Connect with your heart

This will mean different things for different people but let me explain what I mean by it. Connecting to your heart allows you to listen to what your body and soul truly wants for the day ahead. If you listen to this, you won’t go too far wrong.

But, how do you make that connection. There are so many ways and here are a few I like to use:

  • Meditate
  • Journalling your thoughts. Check out Morning Pages to see how these work. Game Changer!!!
  • Exercise of ANY sort allows you to slow your thoughts and connect with your soul.
  • Draw or Doodling
  • Read
  • Sitting in silence

Whatever gets you into a state of flow where you can move a little more into your heart space and out of your thoughts. Try a few different techniques. Your heart will tell you when you have found one that works.

I personally like to meditate and then journal any thoughts after. I find my best ideas come through when I do this.

If you struggle to sit still while meditating try some active meditation. Yoga, walking, running, writing. There is no right or wrong way.

Step Three: Set your intentions

This is my favourite bit because I find this makes such a difference.

For me, this isn’t my to do list. This is me setting my intentions on how I want to show up today, both for myself and for others. Do I want to be happy, calm, caring, fun, productive, creative???

The key here is to really feel this, feel what its like to be happy, be calm, be caring.

Ask yourself three questions. Who will experience this intention? How will I know I have achieved this? What obstacles may I face? I find these questions make the intention very real and achievable.

Step Four: Lift your spirits

Heighten that energy, even for 5 minutes. A walk, a dance to a song on the radio, singing in the shower, jumping jacks. Whatever makes you feel good!!

Just make it fun!!

So how do you feel??  Ready to start? This literally could take 20 to 30 minutes and more on days when you have the time. The benefits most definitely outweigh the costs.

I heard a saying lately. ‘Put on your own oxygen mask before attending to others’. My morning routine is my oxygen mask.

Let me know below what your experience of morning routines are and if you will be adopting any of the steps above.

I am so excited to see how you get on with this new way and look forward to chatting to you all about it below.

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All my love

Anita xxx

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