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When I trained initially as a nail tech the course I did was pretty bad. In my opinion it didn’t give me enough knowledge and information to start working. I then discovered Irina Kiseleva/Mosaic and decided to do some up skill courses with her and I never looked back. She is an absolute genius and really helped take my work to a new level.

Irina is also the distributor for Mosaic Nail Systems in Ireland and duirng my training and after I quickly built up a huge collection of their products. The stand outs for me from the entire range is their gel paints. They are pots of highly pigmented gel that can be used for everything from french to full colour and any type of nail art. They can be used on natural nails and over enhancements too. For natural nails simply use as a replacement for gel polish colours and when using over acrylic make sure to use a gel polish base otherwise there could be some peeling. They adhere to hard gels without the need for a base coat.

I will do a blog post on my absolute favourites from the range but for today I want to talk to you about the ‘Good Evening’ kit. So, Mosaic have two nude kits available. Good Morning is a kit of six, lighter, nude tones while the Good Evening kit consists of six darker nudes. I am yet to get my hands on the Good Morning Kit but don’t worry, after using this kit I most definitely will be adding it to my collection.

These paints are not exactly the same as the regular gel paints. They are from the easy cover series which means that they are designed to be twice as pigmented as the regular paints so you should be able to get perfect, even application in one coat. These paints are also thinner than the regular paints.

So what did I think?

Well, let’s start with the colours! Aren’t they just amazing? There isn’t one shade that I don’t adore from this kit. Even though the warmer month’s are here I was surprised at how many people were drawn towards these. Everyone from teens to more mature women were all swooning over these. I do think the darker shades like Rome and Oslo are going to be so popular in the colder months. I know I will be rocking them on my own nails, that’s for sure.

These paints are so smooth to apply. I do feel like they self level so you definitely get a very smooth application with them. The reason I love the Mosaic gel paints so much is because when you apply them they just do not move and although this range has a thinner consistency they don’t seem to move either. I am such a fan of these paints, can’t ya tell? I have loved Mosaic for a very long time.

So do you only need one coat? You definitely could use one coat with these if you have built the nail with a cover gel/acrylic but I find if I use these over a clear enhancements or on the natural nails that they need one regular coat and then a second, thinner coat just to even any shadows out. You can use one thicker coat and this would work ok too but I prefer to try keep my colour application as thin as possible so I would prefer two layers.I don’t find this easy cover range as good for nail art as the regular gel paints. I mean, they work for painting but I just find the thinner consistency not as good for nail art as the original range.

The wear time on these gels is fantastic too. The colours do not fade at all. They are very high quality. I also found them great to use on natural nails. I didn’t have any issues with them. They can be soaked off.

I just have to give some love to the super cute packaging of these paints. How gorgeous are they? I adore the light pink colour. Anyone that uses Mosaic gel paints knows that the pots can leak a little but these haven’t yet. Fingers crossed they don’t. I really love the names of each gel and the little added touch of one of them called Dublin makes me very happy.

Overall, I am genuinely so impressed with these products. I adore the colours and the consistency of the paints is a pleasure to work with. Trust me, these will make your life a lot easier. I think if you have clients that like sophisticated nails then you will most definitely get lots of use from these.

All Mosaic products are available from Nail Fashion website or their shop in Coolmine in Dublin 15. In this kit you will get six, 5ml pots but each colour can be bought individually also.

If you are looking to do any nail courses I would HIGHLY recommend Irina Kiseleva. She has been a huge influence to me during my nail career.

I rate these 4 out of 5!!! What would you rate them? Be sure to do this below.

Have you tried anything from Mosaic? What do you think of these gel paints? Let me know your thoughts below.

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