Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes – The Best Under €15

I often find ‘drugstore’ or less expensive eyeshadows can be a little disappointing. They tend to be less pigmented, harder to blend and overall more choppy than the higher priced alternatives. However, over the past few weeks I’ve been working behind the scenes to search for the best I could find in this category and I’m happy now to share them with you.

As I find new favourites I will add them to this post. It’s super handy to have them all in the same place for a go to reference point.

I am going to make this post as brief as possible so excuse the short hand!

Starting with the least expensive. The PS Nude Addiction Palette €3.50 from Penneys is a good one.

It contains 9 shades (a mix of matte and shimmer) and overall it’s pretty decent quality for the price tag. There are one or two less than perfect shades but overall  it is worth checking out. Most of the shimmers are really pigmented and the palette contains a great transition shade, some beautiful shimmers and a very decent dark brown to add some smokiness to any look.

The packaging is a lightweight, hard cardboard that makes this a really easy palette to use on the go. It doesn’t contain a mirror.

Next up are the Wet n Wild Nude Color Icon 10 pan palettes €8.25 or €6 from Beauty Bay . There are 3 palettes available which all have a mix of mattes and shimmers. The Nude Awakening Palette is the one I am chatting about today which in my opinion, the perfect everyday nude companion. The mix of shades and tones used here allows this palette to be used for day and night so again great for on the go.

The quality of Wet n Wild shadows are pretty impressive considering the price tag. The packaging is durable, compact and because the front is see-through you know straight off what palette to grab. I’m not gonna lie, this makes my inner cleaning goddess sing!! These palettes don’t contain a mirror either.

Revolution Makeup New-Trals vs Neutrals €8.49 contains 16 shadows (mixed again with mattes and shimmers). The top row is mainly warm tones while the bottom is pretty much cool tones. This palettes contains beautiful orange and red tone shadows which is a little different than the other palettes I have shown so far. So many different eye looks can be created with this palettes.

Like all the palettes there are one or two dud shades but for the most part I find this palette to be really super quality.

The packaging isn’t my favourite. Like the Sleek ones below, they get grubby and it isn’t obvious on first glimpse (unless you flip the palette to the back to see the name) which palette is which. It does contain a mirror but this tends to make it a little heavier when compared to the others. Revolution is available in Superdrug, selected pharmacies or online here 

The Sleek iDivine Palettes €10.99 have been a favourite of mine for a long time. These palettes contain 12 pans and depending on the palette, they can range from matte, to shimmer with even some metallics and glitters thrown in. They are so versatile, such high quality and definitely rival some of the higher end brands.

The palette I want to share today is ‘A New Day’. As you can see from the photo, this palette is well loved. But it’s obvious why. This palette with it’s mix of warm and cool tone shadows makes this a perfect palette for so many skin types and eye looks.

The packaging is very ‘sleek’ (pardon the pun), durable and it contains a mirror. It’s not my favourite packaging for the same reasons I mentioned about the Revolution ones above. That is something I would love to see changing.

Sleek is available from selected pharmacies,  in Boots stores and online.


Last, for today is the Carter Beauty Cosmetics 18 shadow palette in Smooth Nude €14.95. I’ve done a full review of this palette here . Because of that I won’t go on too much here but I do have a few quick points to note.

I seen some people didn’t like the Carter Beauty eyeshadow palettes. The main palette in question was the Sweet Apricot and not this one. I have only heard good things about the Smooth Nude and rightly so. I swear, the shadows are so beautiful. They are buttery soft, blend like a dream and last so well on the eyes. I have nothing bad to say! The mix of shades for me is perfect. As I said, if you fancy more details you an check out my recent post.

You can buy direct from Carter Beauty Cosmetics or head to their Insta Highlights for updated stockists lists.

So, that’s it for now. As I mentioned above, I will add to this as I go along. If there are any palettes you feel I would love and should be in this post please let me know below. I would really like to hear your feedback. Remember, this blog is not only me waffling on, it’s about getting readers feedback too. The more people involved, the better.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by

Anita xxx

To ensure full disclosure the Carter Beauty and Wet n Wild  palettes were gifted to me, all the rest I purchased myself. My opinion is not altered in any way because of this.


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