New From…. Catrice Cosmetics S/S ’19

When I spotted the latest launches from Catrice Cosmetics I was seriously intrigued!! They have so many fab base products and the new additions looked like no exception. I always think of Catrice as a budget brand but with a difference. It is sophisticated, hard working and gives the high end brands a run for their money. So let’s see what they have in store for us for Spring/Summer ’19.

HD Active Performance Primer (€5.50 for 15ml)

This primer promises to :

  • Prep the skin for foundation
  • Make Foundation last longer
  • Translucent Formula
  • Be sweat and water proof
  • SPF 30
  • Soft Focus effect to minimise pores
  • Available in one shade

My Verdict:

Overall, I think this primer is really nice. It is comfortable on the skin and provides a nice base for makeup. My skin’s appearance definitely looks slightly more perfected and hydrated after applying this but nothing too significant. If you are looking for a primer to totally transform the look of your skin, this won’t do that. Although, if you do find a primer that does that send it my way!!! It’s virtually impossible to find! I have noticed my foundation lasts well when wearing this.

I do like the packaging of this product although the bottle is way too small. This won’t last me long at all. A little goes a long way but even still a 15ml bottle will run out pretty quickly I think.

My all time favourite Catrice product has to be the Light correcting serum primer which is just stunning. Check out my full review here.

There is also a new Liquid Camouflage Eye Primer (€3.95) which is said to prep the under eye for concealer by visibly filling the fine lines around the eye!!! Give it to me!!!! NOW!!!! I just got my hands on this so I’ll report back !

1 Minute Face Perfector (€6.80 for 17g)

This product promises to be :

  • One Shade fits all
  • Light Mousse formulation
  • Soft Coverage
  • Adapts to any skin tone
  • Mattifying effect
  • Flawless Complexion
  • Makes pore and irregularities disappear
  • Multi Tasking – Use as primer or foundation depending on desired result

My Verdict:

If you watched my insta tutorial (check out my Makeup 2 highlight to catch up) using this product you may remember I had some teething issues. In fact, the issues I was having relate to another product and not this one!! More on this later though.

The more I used this product, the more I enjoyed it. This product, although it doesn’t totally make pores and skin irregularities disappear it most definitely does give the skin an even, more refined look. I personally prefer to use this as a primer. You should only apply a small amount and rub it well into the skin with warm fingers for best results. I find using a brush or sponge doesn’t work well with this product. It tends to move around too much. You can of course use this on it’s own. It just doesn’t give me enough coverage to use that way! It does have a matte finish but it doesn’t tend to look caky or drying on my skin.

This was such a great find and one I am using time and time again. I know lots of people are very curious about this product so please let me know if you try it.

Golden Dust Highlighter Drops (€5.50 for 14ml) 01 Spacegold

This product promises to :

  • Have light reflecting pigments
  • Provide cheeks, brow arch and decollete with a golden dust shimmer

My Verdict:

I really enjoy using this product. It gives a lovely glow to the skin that looks so beautiful without being too obvious. I find it applies well under or over foundation and even seems to work well over powders. It melts into the skin really well avoiding that choppy, streaky look! Really impressed with this. I am a fan of all the Catrice liquid highlighting drops and this one is no exception. Definitely worth a look. It is more on the golden side so that’s just something to bare in mind. I do prefer this on tanned skin but it can be worn on paler skins.

I know this product is a similar size to the primer which I mentioned was very small above. However, it works for a highlighting product as you use far less than you would of a primer.

Bouncy Bronzer Caribbean Vibes (€4.50)

This product promises to :

  • Soft coconut scent
  • Bouncy, gel texture
  • Creates a Caribbean glow

My Verdict:

At the start I was totally unsure of this product. It was too shimmery for me. But the more I use it the more I enjoy it. It definitely isn’t something to add contour to your face but if you want an all over bronzed glow you are in for a treat. Exciting product that smells divine. I’m hooked.

One Drop Coverage Weightless Concealer (€4.95 for 7ml)

This product promises to be :

  • Long-lasting
  • Sweat-proof
  • Full Coverage
  • Ultra- Light texture
  • Moisturising
  • 8 Shades available

My Verdict:

I was pleasantly surprised by this concealer. The claims are right. A little goes a very long way. This product gives unbelievable coverage that lasts really well. I am so impressed.

I do think it is a tad drying on the under eye so be sure to hydrate the eye area with an eye cream or maybe the eye primer I mentioned above (although I haven’t tried it yet so don’t take my word for this) before application.

Otherwise I love everything about it. I even love the luxe packaging. Big thumbs up from me…

Glow Illusion Loose Powder (€5.95)

This product promises to be :

  • Ultra- light
  • Mirco fine light reflecting particles
  • Smooth finish
  • Natural Glow
  • Applied on its own or to set makeup

My Verdict:

I really did not get on with this powder at all. For someone with dry skin this really made me look way too glowy. I can’t believe I am even saying that as I can never look too glowy. However, this made me look oily as opposed to radiant if you get me?!

Also, I mentioned above that it wasn’t the 1 minute face perfector that caused the issues. It was actually this. It makes my skin look awful and really emphasised my pores.

That is all for face products. I do have some lippies to share with you and an absolutely fab mascara..


Power Plumping Gel Lipstick (€4.50)

This product promises to be :

  • High Shine
  • Moisturisng
  • Visibly full, smooth lips
  • Light feeling on lips
  • Ten shades

My Verdict:

I tried two shades in this lippies, a nude and a red. They are both nice. They are very natural, almost like a lipbalm on the lips. Because of the texture they are not that long wearing. I would tend to wear these more as a balm as they are very moisturising and comfortable or as a topper for a matte lipstick.

Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss (€4.50)

This product promises to :

  • High Shine
  • Medium Coverage
  • Creamy texture
  • Pearl effect visibly plumps lips
  • Eight shades
  • Long lasting
  • Non sticky

My Verdict:

For the price these glosses are really something special. They are so comfortable on the lips and best of all they are not sticky. The medium coverage really makes them so versatile as you can wear them on their own and they add colour as well as shine. You can also wear them over a lipstick or a liner for added dimension. I have shade 070 Nude Sapphire and am totally going to invest in more. Again a big thumbs up from me.

Glam and Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara (€5.50)

This product promises to be :

  • Long-lasting
  • Deep Black Texture
  • Stimulates lash growth
  • In 6 weeks lash growth doubled

My Verdict:

OK, so I cant say much for the last growth power of this mascara because I haven’t used it enough to notice a difference but leaving that aside this is a show stopping mascara. I am so into all Catrice mascaras and this is no different. It gives length, volume and doesn’t look clumpy. 5 out of 5 for me.

Wow, that was a long post wasn’t it? I hope you found it useful all the same and found some new, exciting products to try.

Have you tried any of these products or will you be adding any of these to your wish list?

Let me know below what your favourites are…

Thanks for stopping by


These products were gifted to me by Catrice. Nevertheless, my opinions above both good and bad are 100% honest.


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