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You guys really seemed to enjoy my last ‘Inkey List’ post where I helped you understand not only how to layer products but also how to get the most from any product you use. Today, I want to add to that post by updating you all on some new releases from the brand as well as giving you an insight on how they work and where to place these products in your existing routine. I hope you enjoy…


Polyglutamic Acid

Currently €9.95 for 30ml from Roches.

This is a really interesting product for me and one that has received a lot of attention in the last while. This product is very similar to Hylauronic Acid (HA) except it claims to hold up to 4 times more moisture than HA. If we remember back to my previous post (linked above) we know that HA holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Therefore, I will let you do the math as to how much PA holds.

These type of serums are a key part to any skincare regime once used correctly. This for me is always step 1 in a morning routine. It can be used at night if you fancy it. This has a thicker, silkier texture to The Inkey’s HA. The silicones (yep, there are silicones) in this would contribute to the texture and I have to say I do enjoy it, especially as a makeup base.

This product will not only hydrate the skin but can help reduce dehydration lines and over time brighten the skin. I find the same results from HA products.

Alpha Arbutin

£9.99 for 30ml from Cult Beauty

This is a super product for anyone who has dehydration and is looking to brighten the skin. This product contains Alpha Arbutin which is known to help reduce melanin production. The results are brighter, more radiant skin that overtime can see reductions in scarring, hyper pigmentation, dark spots. It also contains HA and Squalane which are two key ingredients to help tackle dehydration. You will see an instant boost in hydration and brightness in the short term but when it comes to reducing hyper pigmentation etc, don’t expect this to work over night. Results like this take time.

Use this as step 1 in a morning and evening skincare routine as a replacement for HA or PA.


€16.99 for 30ml from Roches

I had mixed opinions on this product. This is said to promote skin renewal and target visible signs of aging. The target areas are crepey skin, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a blurring effect on the skin.

I found the blurring effect of this product to be quite impressive. It gives a lovely, demi matte base for makeup which is great for combination or slightly oily skin. However, I didn’t find the other claims to be visible. Maybe they will be over time but for now I only see this as being a good base for makeup (and it does a great job at this).

I have normal to drier skin so this product may not be the best for me so if you have oilier skin let me know how you found this product below.

This should be used as the last step before makeup. This can be used at night but my personal preference is to only use this for daytime use.


Snow Mushroom

£9.99 for a 30ml tube from Cult Beauty

This is another product that is classified as being quite like The Inkey List’s HA. It attracts moisture to the skin and helps the skin hold on to it .

It is described as a moisturiser. However, I would suggest it is more like a gel like serum. It doesn’t give me enough moisture to warrant using this as a stand alone moisturiser. However, young, more oilier skins may find this to be enough. I use something on top of it to give me a deeper moisture boost.

Because of the gel like consistency I find this to be so cooling and refreshing on the skin. It does leave a tacky residue on the skin which does not go away over time. This is another reason I apply something on top of it.

That tackiness can be useful though. The texture ensures any product you apply on top stays put so this can be a useful makeup base if you have trouble with holding on to makeup throughout the day.

Use as a stand alone moisturiser ot just before moisturiser if you don’t feel this gives you enough of a boost. Can also be used as a makeup base right before makeup. 


£9.99 for 30ml tube from Cult Beauty

I was so eager to try this product. This is said to be a good alternative to The Inkey List’s retinol (which I am obsessed with incase you didn’t know). Similar to retinol it is meant to stimulate skin’s collagen production, help improve skins elasticity (over time) and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles (again, in time).

Although this most definitely does not give me the moisture content I need I do find my skin looks and feels better after use.

I use this as a serum instead of as a moisturiser but like Snow Mushroom above. If your skin is oilier, this may be enough for you. This does contain Squalane, Glycerin and Omega oils so you would expect it to be moisturising but for me it is not enough. I will however continue to use this because I really enjoy it as a serum. I use this as a step 1 at night time and top with a moisturiser.

Ceramide Night Treatment

€16.99 for 30ml pump from Roches

The Inkey list claims this product protects, hydrates and plumps the skin while we sleep. Like all the other moisturisers from The Inkey List I find this is just not enough on its own. In particular though, I found this one very drying on my skin.

It has a milky texture and is lightweight but it tends to pill on the skin which is a total fail for me.

Unfortunately, this just didn’t work for so many reasons and therefore I would not recommend it. If you do want to try it you can use it as either the last step in your nighttime routine (if you find it hydrating enough) or right before your moisturiser for extra omph!

Eye creams

Brighten-i Eye Cream

£8.99 for 15ml from Cult Beauty

I think this has to be my favourite of all the products from mentioned here today and maybe one of my all time faves from the Inkey in general. This product includes Brighten- i which is an active ingredient that is meant to be 4 times more potent than Vitamin C. As a result you get brighter, less puffy and more hydrated eyes.

The metal iron shaped applicator makes this so enjoyable to use and I find the lightweight texture sinks into the skin giving the most beautiful base for makeup.

Although I haven’t seen any reduction in dark circles or puffiness in the time I am using this I feel this eye cream is worth getting for the hydration and beautiful texture. I love a good eye cream…do you?

Final Thoughts

Sorry if I went on a little. It is so hard to limit the skincare chats. There is always so much to say.

What products are your faves from The Inkey List? Will you be adding any of the above to your regime in the future?

Let us know your thoughts below! I would love to hear from you.

Anita xxx

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    December 15, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    I really like this brand. It has clearly outlines what to use the products for. I have tried the HA, vit c and polyglutamic. I didnt like the smell of the polyglutamic but not enough to stop me using it. Great price and they answer questions on instangram if you need any advise. I hope They don’t change.

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