Nima Brush : “Girls On Tour” Travel Brush Set

I think it’s clear by now that I have a huge love for the Nima Brush Range. They feature as a regular favourite here on The Elite Brush collection is still a firm favourite of mine but since the launch of the Artistic Collection in September 2014 the makeup brush market in Ireland has become a whole lot prettier! The Artistic collection is on everyone’s wish list I believe as they are such high quality brushes but with the added beauty of stunningly finished detail! The owner Niamh Martin, being the perfectionist that she is was not 100% happy with the original Artistic Collection so she went back to the drawing board and reinvented the collection and if it is as at all possible the brushes look even better than ever. You can view and buy the full range on the Nima Brush Website.

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set UnopenedWith the relaunch, an exciting new addition to the collection was born. The “Girl’s On Tour” Travel Brush Set. This super cute travel companion contains 7 of the best selling brushes from the Artistic Collection in smaller travel friendly sizes. They also come housed in a cute little makeup bag.

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Logo

The best thing about this travel set for me is that although the brush size is reduced the quality most certainly is not. They feel and perform exactly the same as all the other full size brushes. This is quiet rare I believe as I am often so disappointed with the quality of travel brush sets. Nima, you have done it again with style! Well done!!!

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Open

So do you want to take a look inside and see what we can expect??? I thought so!

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Full Length

The 7 brushes are made up of 3 Face brushes and 4 Eye Brushes.

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Close Up Names

Each of the brushes in this collection are named after an influential lady in Niamh’s Life (a lovely little touch I think). This gold embellishment adds character and a piece of glam to the ever so pretty duck egg green handles. I literally could eat these brushes they look that good!!

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Close Up Heads

The gold ferrule’s adds again to the beauty of the brushes but the most important part for me is the quality of the actual brush hairs. They are as good as their big sisters and do the job of high quality professional brushes but in mini sizes.

So let’s see what each brush can do and if this is infact the complete travel companion.

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Full length face brushesThe 3 Face brushes which come in this little cutie are:

THE TARA: This is an angled contour brush. It definitely can be used to carved out your cheek bones or contour your forehead but I also love this type of brush for applying blush. So that is our contour and blush sorted! Two in one is always a must while travelling.

THE JANE: This is a duo fibre brush and it’s uses are endless really. I use this type of brush to apply foundation, powder my face, blend out my contour, highlight and so on! I would tend to use it for foundation when travelling considering there is no other foundation type brush in this kit. I have used this brush loads for foundation and it is spot on! Foundation brush, tick!!

THE BLAITHIN: A domed pony hair brush is how this is described on the Nima Brush website. The website also says it can be used for blush, highlight and contour depending on how you use the brush. For example if you use the side of the brush this will give a much nicer blush application whereas for precision work like highlight or contouring using the tapered tip will allow you to place the product only where you want it. This really is a fab brush. I have to say I would probably use this to apply setting powder to my oilier areas while travelling as the set doesn’t have a brush specifically for powder as you will have used liquid on your Jane if you are using it for foundation. Plus all the other face products are covered by the Tara so this works out well. I have used the Blaithin for both powder and bronzer application and once you use the side of the brush it works a treat.

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Close Up Face brushes

As you can tell. All of our base products seem to be covered with these three brushes except for concealer. But bare with me. That is coming up very soon.

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Full Length eye brushes

Now for the 4 eye brushes:

THE OLLIE: This brush is a god send. It makes creating that well blended lower lash line a doddle. I use this to smudge out my lower lash line and also to apply some colour to my lids. It is a very small, dense brush but it is great for very precise application of products. A must have eyeshadow brush.

THE PATRICIA: This is the brush I would use for my concealer, both under my eyes and on my face. It is synthetic so perfect for cream products and it blends effortlessly so great to create that really bright under eye effect. It also is super for concealing hard to reach areas such as around the nose etc. I find the Jane brush above gives a relatively light coverage application of foundation so I tend to also use the Patricia to build up my foundation coverage in areas where I feel I need more, like on my cheeks. You can also use this to blend out your eyeshadow in the crease but I tend to use the next brush for this job.

THE DEBS: The perfect blending brush! This is made from goats hair so it is super soft, luxurious and blends any eye look perfectly. A must have in my makeup kit every day!

THE DANIELLE: I have a serious obsession with this little angled brush. I use this to fill in my brows and to do my eyeliner. It can be cleaned easily so it is no issue to use this brush to do both jobs. Just make sure you clean the eyeliner off before using it for your brow product. I know bold brows are in this season but this would take it to a whole new level!!

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Close Up eye brushes

So there we go. The Girl’s On Tour Travel Brush Set from Nima Brush in all it’s glory. I can genuinely say I am massively impressed by this brush set and I am even more impressed that it is only €57 (now reduced to €37 here) which I think is an unbelievable price. Definitely a great gift idea for any makeup wearing friend, family member or for yourself of course!

I usually feel disappointed when I get a travel brush set because as I said before the quality lacks or there is always a brush missing but for me this set ticks all the boxes and I am happy to highly recommend it to everyone and anyone!

Nima Brush Girls On Tour Travel Set Brushes Full Set Final

Will you be purchasing this or any of the other Nima brushes? They have a huge range of brushes and brush kits on their website. Go check them out now. Oh!!! And they ship worldwide!

Happy Shopping and Thank you so much for stopping by.

Anita XXX

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