Penneys PS Nudes Collection

Penneys have been absolutely killing it lately with their beauty releases. They are now offering a huge range of makeup, brushes, skincare and everything in between!  Some of the products have even been crowned “perfect dupes” for more expensive, higher end versions.

The PS Nudes collection which was launched end of Feb plays homage to the ever popular “less is more” makeup trend. Highlighted cheeks, perfected lips and minimal eye makeup are all represented on the catwalks this year and Penneys have this trend down to a T with this new line.

There are several amazing products in the collection ranging from the show stopping eye palette, a KKW inspired contour and highlight kit and an abundance of lippies that are guaranteed to tickle your fancifuls.

Let’s start with the most hyped of the bunch. The Contour and Highlight kit contains two dual ended cream pencils. One is a contour/bronzer and the other is for highlighting. You also get a brow highlighting pencil and a double ended applicator that has a brush on one end and a sponge on the other (look familiar to anyone?!)

So what do I think? Well to be honest. This kit is bitter sweet. Some of the products i.e the contour sticks aren’t half bad whereas the darker shade of the highlighter made me have a ‘what were you thinking moment’ when I first swatched it.

The contour shades are spot on for my skin tone. One is more ashy while the other has a slight warmth so mixed together they actually give me a perfect contour shade. And they genuinely blend effortlessly. Although I wouldn’t recommend using the sponge that comes in this kit, it’s way to hard and messes with any products you have on underneath.

The lightest shade in the highlighter is also spot on. Its a pale champagne shimmer shade that looks really nice on the highest points of the face to add a subtle glow. The darker shade is wayyyy too dark for my skin tone as a highlighter. This is more like a shade of foundation I would use when I am tanned. I’m honestly not sure where Penneys were going with this one!

The brow highlight isn’t a bad product, its a little lacking in pigment but it does a decent job to add a glow. I also like to use this as a base for powder highlights as it makes them pop when used underneath.

Again, the brush and sponge just isn’t for me.

I think the swatches show you exactly what I am talking about above. That highlight colour just isnt working but the rest is fairly decent. You don’t get a huge amount of product in each item but for €8 I do think it’s worth a go, particularly if you like to use cream products.

Now, this I am excited about. The PS Nudes collection also contains a lip kit (€8) that consists of two matte lippies and two glosses. Also in the photo above is one of the matte lipsticks (€3) in the shade Birthday Suit.

I wasn’t expecting much from the lip kit but I have to say I was pretty chuffed with it. The two mattes are stunning shades. The first one (far left) is that perfect nude pink shade that suits almost everyone while the second matte is more on the warm side and is fab for adding a touch of colour to the face. I’ve often layered both shades to make my own shade and this works great.  I need to say, they aren’t the most long lasting of formulas, nor are they ultra matte. I actually love the formulation because I am not a fan of matte lip products. These feel very comfortable and don’t make the lips look too dry.

The glosses are also on point. The first gloss is very nude, almost a tan shade I would say. This is nice but the formulation is a little greasy so it tends to not sit perfectly on the lips. The way I use it is to apply it with my fingers and tap it on instead of packing it on with a brush. The last gloss is a stunning metallic pink. I love this type of shade as a topper for matte lipsticks as it totally changes the finish. This is probably my favourite of the bunch.

The matte lipstick in Birthday suit (far right above) again is ok. It is very drying and uncomfortable to wear so I cannot wear this alone. I have to top it with a gloss or a lip balm. The shade is the perfect nude, totally my jam and for €3 its worth making the extra effort for. The packaging alone is worth it for me.

I also picked up an eyelash curlers. How could I pass this for €3. Not only is it too damn cute but it also does a great job at curling my lashes.

So, what do you think of the PS Nudes collection? Have you found anything that you want to try or have you already tried something? If so, whats your favourites?

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