RAVE REVIEW: Bourjois Bronzing Primer

Anyone that knows me knows how much I am obsessed with this product! I recommend it to everyone and their mother because I know it’s a fool proof product to suit the majority of skin tones and types. However, I noticed I haven’t given it a shout out on and so here is a little snippet of my thoughts on the Bourjois Bronzing Primer.

I am a massive fan of cream face products and also bronzing products so when I came across this I was intrigued. I have used the Soleil Tan De Chanel for a long time and am a fan but find it can look very orange on me at times and also can be hard to blend. So back when the Bourjois “dupe” came out I was all over it and I have to be honest without a doubt Bourjois gets the gold medal in the bronzing battle!

Bourjois Primer

The Bourjois Bronzing Primer is marketed as a primer but I much prefer it as a cream bronzer. I use this to add a light sun-kissed glow to the areas of my face that get the sun most (temples, cheeks, nose, chin etc) or I use it to contour my face (hollows of cheeks, temples,under my chin), it all depends really on the look I am going for.

Bourjois Primer open

As you can see this is well loved and this is my third one of these

The texture of this product is like none I have seen before. It a whipped mousse texture which is so easy to blend. The colour (only available in one universal shade) is perfect on all skin-tones (except dark) and doesn’t add a cakey, muddy look to the skin but instead add a simply stunning glow that just makes the face look radiant….ah I am in love!!

boujour bronze 2

Before: You only need a tiny amount (Look how pale I am)

boujour bronze 3

After the product is blended into the skin. Stunning!

Oh and the smell….what can I say?! The scent is a mix of sweet orange blossom and cocoa so it smells like you could eat it (probably not the best idea)!

I also love the fact that it is moisturising to the skin but doesn’t make the face oily in any way. This would be a great product to wear alone instead of foundation on holidays (be sure to wear an SPF if you are in the sun as this doesn’t contain one) or on days that you just don’t want to wear makeup but want a “glow”. To apply this I use a Real Techniques buffing brush and gently buff the product into the areas I want to add the colour to. You could also use your fingers but be sure to work the product in well to avoid product build up.

The main way I use this is after my foundation. I apply a small amount to the areas I want and really work it in to the skin. I then apply a cream blush and highlighter and then powder my entire face with a face powder. Afterwards you can add bronzer, blush and highlighter all in powder form and you are guaranteed that your makeup won’t budge for the day. Layering cream and powder products is the best way to keep makeup intact all day and night but at the same time still look fresh and not too heavy. The trick with all makeup application is to apply small amounts, building the colour intensity as you go and then blend, blend, blend.

This will set you back €13.99 which is a bargain compared to the Chanel one which costs almost 4 times this. I mentioned before that Chanel and Bourjois are owned by the same company so they always seem to have cheaper alternatives for the Chanel products but with a very similar quality and finish.

This is a must have for Summer to add a warmt to the skin but let’s be honest we want a glow all year round and this is definitely a product that will help achieve that look, definitely check it out the next time you are at a Bourjois stand and let me know what you think.

Have you tried this product? Are you a fan of cream face products? Will you be buying this?

Hope you have a lovely day and Happy Shopping

Anita XXX

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