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Face Powders for me are an essential step in my everyday makeup routine. I always find a light dusting of setting powder over cream products makes anything applied on top blend a lot easier.

Because of my love for a good face powder I have tried so many!! However, I have struggled to find one that ticks all the boxes when it comes to setting my undereye concealer. The Laura Mercier loose setting powder (review here) was as close as I came to finding the holy grail but this did tend to dry my under eyes out slightly in the colder months.

I decided to try the RCMA No Color Powder. Beauty guru’s worldwide have raved about this product and lots of them have said that this is a good alternative to the Laura Mercier version for people that suffer from dry under eyes.

This product was so difficult to find online because it was sold out for months. I finally found it on LoveMakeup but I see that BeautyBay also have it in stock now for those of you looking for it. It is around €15 for a huge 3 onze (85g) tub.

So what did I think of the product?

Well, it is definitely a very finely milled, high quality, professional powder. It has zero colour, pigments or light reflective particles so this will not cause flash back or leave an ashy cast on the skin. When first applied it can look quiet white but once blended it does disappear.

I do find this slightly more hydrating (or less drying) than the Laura Mercier (LM) powder but surprisingly when this is used all over the face it tends to control oil a little better than the LM one. Really oily skins may need to reapply this during the day depending on the primer and foundation used underneath. Just a little note to say I have seen other people say this didn’t control oil as well as the LM but in my opinion it genuinely did and I have tried this on several skin types.

This can be used all over the face but I have to be honest and say that I don’t like using it this way. I tend to prefer a fleshy tone to my face powder so I am liking the RCMA Translucent powder for this purpose. It is almost identical to the No Color version but with a slight pigment to it. It’s still translucent and doesn’t alter your foundation shade too much. In fact, I would say that this powder is a closer match to the Laura Mercier one than the No Color version.

I don’t find these powders give any extra coverage to the area, they just simply set the product in place.

When I use the No Color powder under my eyes I cannot say that it completely hides any fine lines. I have seen reviews claiming that it doesn’t settle into lines but it definitely does on me. It doesn’t make them look any worse than they already are but it still settles into what’s there. Some powders that are drier can make the area look even more crepey but this powder doesn’t. This is definitely the best powder I have found so far for setting my under eye and making it look the best it possibly can.

I use a damp beauty blender to apply this. However, I have noticed that on a rare occasion this can leave white speckles under my eye and I find this only happens when either my beauty blender is dirty or it is too cold. So be sure to keep it clean and only use warm water to soak your sponge. Also, don’t have your sponge too damp.This should stop this issue!

The only thing I don’t like about these powders is the packaging. As you can see they do not come in normal powder packaging. They come in a long tub with not much space to dispense and pick up the product. This begins to get very messy, very quickly and because the holes in the sifter are so big it dispenses a ridiculous amount of product. I plan to dispense these into an empty powder container and use them that way because at the moment I get full of powder every time I do my makeup.

Besides the crappy packaging I do think these products are some of the best on the market and I think they are an essential for makeup artists kits and for anyone that is in search of a really fuss free (less the packaging), high quality powder.

Because the No Color option has zero pigment this would be the one I would choose for makeup artist kits. You will literally only need this in your kit and no other powder.

You get so much product for a tiny price (a third of the price of the LM equivalent) and they really do work, so you can have confidence that the makeup you apply will hold up well during the day.

These get a really big 4.5 out of 5 rating from me, the only reason they are dropping marks is because of the frustrating packaging! I can’t fault the actual products!

Have you tried these powders yet? What are your thoughts on them? How would you rate them?

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Anita xx

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