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Bellamianta Self Tanning Tinted Lotion

I love a good fake tan! But there is nothing I hate more than a tan that stinks and wears off terribly. So when I seen the claims of the Bellamianta Self Tanning range I was intrigued.

Bellamianta Self Tanning Tinted Lotion

Bellamianta have expanded their range recently. However, in this post I want to go back to basics and review both their Self Tanning Tinted Lotion and Dark Rapid Mousse.

So what do these tans claim to do? They promise to:

-Dry in 60 seconds

-Develop in 2 to 4 Hours

-Have a golden olive tone

-Have a ready to wear colour

-Be streak free and easy to use

-Be transfer and water resistant

-Even wear off

-Have odour neutralising technology

Sounds like the perfect tan right? Let’s see if these stood up to it’s claims.

Claim One: Dries in 60 seconds. I would say these dries quicker than that. I can instantly get dressed and although a slight sticky feeling remains until you wash it off it isn’t as bad as some other tans I have tried

Claim Two: Develops in 2-4 hours. Again, they most definitely do this. I always wash them off after two hours and at that point I have a nice tan. However, the tan continues to develop for a couple of hours after. I like this as it still works after you wash it off meaning that you can do this in the morning before you head out that night. Perfect for in a rush.

Claim Three: Golden Olive Tone. I love the colour of Bellamianta tans moreso than most other tans I have tried. They are very natural and bronzed looking which is due to the golden olive undertones. However, I do find when I first apply these and until I wash it off that my skin has a very orange tinge to it which is not that pleasant.

Claim Four: Ready to wear colour. Following from the above point. I don’t feel this is a tan that you can go out in after you apply it. In my opinion the colour guide is very wearable. I also find it goes on quiet patchy even though the result when you wash it off is flawless.

Claim Five: Streak Free and Easy to Use. As mentioned above when first applied these can be very patchy (especially on the face) but the streaks do not remain after you wash them off (unless you totally miss an area). As far as the easy to use claim goes I am not sure I agree with this one when it comes to the lotion.  I just feel it needs a lot of rubbing in to really get it right. For this reason I tend to opt for the Mousse which glides on and is very easy to use.

Bellamianta does have its own mitt which I love to use although a word of warning make sure this is clean before use as I noticed that if it has any old residue on it then the new tan won’t blend well for you.

Another side note is that the nozel/pump on the bottles dispense just the right amount of product which definitely adds to the ease of application.

Claim Six: Transfer and Water Resistant. As far as I can see this is fairly accurate. It doesn’t tend to stain my clothes as much as other tans but it still does leave the odd mark on my bed clothes and on clothes if I wear lighter, tighter clothes.

Claim Seven: Even Wear off. Along with the colour of these tans their wear off would have to be my favourite thing about them. They lasts around 4 to 5 days and it really does wear off very well. They do get a tiny bit patchy on the inner part of my arm but other than that it fades perfectly.

Claim Eight: Odour Neutralising Technology. When I seen this I thought “A tan that doesn’t smell? Really?!”. Then after applying it I realised that it does still have the fake tan smell. It isn’t as strong or harsh as others are though. So it definitely does neutralise the odours of that dreaded fake tan smell but it doesn’t totally get rid of them. The day a tan doesn’t smell is the day I find the Holy Grail. I really am not a fan of the smell of tans!!! Bellamianta do have a candle in a similar scent to the tan itself which smells yummy. It is obviously the DHA (ingredient that gives us the colour) that smells in this product and the pretty scent of bergamot that keeps this smell to a minimum.

So, there you go. My honest and thorough review of the Bellamianta self tanners.  Overall I think these are fab tans and would definitely recommend them. On top of the claims mentioned above I think this tan leaves the skin very well moisturised and nourished.

You can see that this tan does have some downfalls but if you are looking for a tan that develops quickly, fades really nicely and has one of the nicest bronzed tones I have ever found in a tan then you will love this. I think I can put up with the downfalls of this product knowing that I am using a product that is superior in so many ways to many brands on the market. This has swiftly become one of my top three tans and like my other favourites this is also a brand originating in Ireland which is definitely an added bonus.

The best thing is there is something in the range for everyone to choose from. There is everything from Gradual tanners, to instant tans and even in the self tanners there are two options a mousse (which only comes in dark) and a lotion which comes in Medium and Dark. I much prefer the mousse formulations but if you have drier skin I would personally opt for the lotion as it is more nourishing. Both are fab in my opinion and worth a go.


To buy online or to find stockists you can visit the Bellamianta website. It costs around €23 for a 200ml bottle of this tan which is a fab price for such a high quality brand.

I would give these tans 4 hearts out of 5! They are one of the best I have tried!! Make sure to rate this below.

Have you tried this tan yet or will you be trying it out after reading my review? I would love to hear what your thoughts.

Happy Tanning. Anita xxx


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    April 28, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Huge fan of this tan as well – amazing quality for the price! Xo

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    February 24, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Absolutely love this tan, very honest accurate review that I totally agree with, gives a very natural look which I absolutely love and doesn’t smell like digestive biscuits like most other tans ha .. thanks for this

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