REVIEW: Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail Set

We haven’t reviewed any brushes on the blog as of yet but we have tonnes to share with you all. To start the ball rolling I decided to choose something that is useful for everyone, makeup professionals and non-professionals alike and will suit everyone’s budget.

Where better to start than with a great Irish brand? Nima Brush is the brainchild of Irish makeup artist Niamh Martin who created the line as a way of providing everyone with professional quality brushes that won’t break the bank. Makeup artists understand that the tools we use to apply our makeup alot of the time are more important than the makeup itself and so I always love to use brushes from makeup artists as lets face it, they know what they are talking about!!

Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail collection full set

5 piece Elite Eye Detail Set

I have only tried one kit from Nima Brush as of yet but I have my eye on a few more brushes that I am dying to get my paws on. The kit I have tried and loved is the 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail set. This kit contains 5 full size brushes and has everything you need to create any eye look

This great little set contains the following brushes:

Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail collection large shader

Large Shader Brush

A Large shader brush– This is a sable haired brush and can be used for many different things including applying colour all over the eyelid, apply a higlighter under the brow bone, blending out any harsh edges above the crease and I also love to use this to apply highlighter to my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose (just make sure there is no eye shadow on it first obviously!!).

Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail collection crease

Crease/Smudger Brush

A Crease/Smudger brush- This brush is made from pony hair. I love using it to add some colour to the crease. It is small enough to get into the crease and you can also use it to blend the crease colour a little. It’s such a great little brush and so useful. I feel these type of brushes are very hard to find and so I guard this with my life. It really helps to define the socket of your eye very well while at the same time blends the colour to give you a really blended smoked out eye look.

Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail collection pencil

Pencil Brush

A Pencil brush- This brush is synthetic and I am thankful for this because all other pencil brushes I own are natural haired. I love to use this to apply colour under my eyes and it’s especially great for applying cream shadows under the eyes as synthetic brushes are easier to clean cream products from, it can be used for adding powder under your eye aswell. I also like to use this to add darker colours in the outer V of my eye to really add some definition to the eye. This brush is dense and stiff so allows you to add great detail to the eyes.

Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail collection brow

Angled Brow Brush

An Angled Brow brush- When I first got this kit this was my least favourite brush as I was use to using a natural haired brush for filling in my eyebrows with shadow/brow powder. However, to really test this I continued to use it and honestly now I cannot use anything else for my brows. I actually thought I lost this recently and I was close to tears (sad I know!!). Because it is synthetic it is dense and so it is actually perfect for creating sculpted brows. Since using this people have commented on how well my brows looks and I know it’s down to this and my trust Makeup Academy Brow Kit. You can probably tell this is my favourite brush from the collection. It does mention on the website that it can be used for liner but I personally wouldn’t use it for gel liner because I feel it is too thick, but that’s personal preference.

Nima Brush 5 Piece Elite Eye Detail collection liner

Angled Liner Brush

An Angled Liner brush- And finally we have another synthetic brush but this time it is a brush for applying gel liner. This brush has a super fine nib and the top of the brush is slanted which allows you to apply liner effortlessly. I love these type of liner brushes as they just feel really comfortable to use. I really like to use this when applying gel liner to someone else’s eyes too as you can really get great control over the brush without being too close to the persons eye as the handle is pretty long.

All in all I am very pleased with this brush set. I feel it is perfect for anyone. If you have tonnes of makeup brushes already it’s a nice one to add to the collection as I feel there are some unique brushes in it and also it’s great for anyone only starting off as it has everything you need to create a lovely eye look. I am  a trained makeup artist and have used alot of brushes and these are ones I reach for time and time again and trust in so I think that’s saying something!

I have washed these brushes a hell of alot and they have never shed or lost their shape and they don’t hold the product (even cream) so after washing your brushes they feel like new again. Also, the handle of the brush, although it is white, never seems to get dirty as it can be easily wiped.

I have nothing bad to say about these brushes, except I want to spend all my money on collecting the whole range!! I am using these for a few months now and have no complaints.

These brushes and all Nima brushes can be bought from the Nima Brush website. This kit will set you back €30 which is very reasonable considering you get 5 brushes in it (€6 a brush, bargain!). Nima also offer very reasonable international shipping rates so you don’t have to be from Ireland to give these brushes a try!

Have you ever tried Nima Brushes? What is your favourite line of makeup brushes? I would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading this post and Have a lovely day.

Anita XXX

*All images used in this post are credited to Nima Brush.



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