Sculpted by Aimee Beauty Base – Review and Swatches

I think I may have said this more than once by now but I think I have found a new favourite product!! The Beauty Base by Sculpted By Aimee is one of the latest creations from Irish MUA Aimee Connolly. I raved about Aimee’s Custom Edition Palette in a previous post which you can check out here and I am happy to say, the raving will continue!!

I want to start by saying Beauty Base is more than just a primer! Let’s check out the claims and then I will dive into my thoughts!!

The Claims

  • An innovative three in one primer containing hyaluronic acid, packed full of SPF30 and it leaves the skin with a stunning strobe like effect
  • Wear it on its own on bare skin for a radiant and protected base every day
  • Wear it mixed into your foundation or moisturiser for a quicker application on the go
  • Cruelty Free , Vegan , Non Comedogenic , Silica Free ,Paraben Free , Safe to Use when Pregnant  
  • Peptides for skin plumping and conditioning


My Thoughts

I can honestly say it is very rare that a product fully lives up to all the claims made in the advertising material but Beauty Base has done just that!!

  • As I said this is not just a primer. This product gives the most amazingly natural but show-stopping glow to the skin
  • It does have an SPF 30 (UVA and UVB) which is an added bonus and great for when you want to wear on its own
  • As far as the skincare go, obviously I can’t judge their benefits on the skin at this stage. I can say though that the product feels very comfortable and hydrating without any oily residue
  • I love using this as a primer under foundation or mixed with foundation as it makes even a matte foundation glow. The skin just looks better!
  • It is also lovely on it’s own for a natural glow. Adorn Tip: Fake tan your face the night before using this. My favourite for this is the Dripping Gold Tan Filter (review here). Total Dream Team!!
  • I actually feel like my makeup lasts longer when wearing this
  • My skin doesn’t get greasy or oily looking throughout the day
  • This gives an amazing glow with zero traces of glitter
  • It is stunning used on the chest area (décolleté if you wanna get fancy) and I even pop some on my shins and calves to give my legs that extra vavavoom.
  • The packaging is to die for. It is so luxe and pretty
  • The pump dispenser really gets extra brownie points from me. It is fuss and mess free. Just what I like!
  • I think for a 50ml product of this quality the price is really great (€24.99)

I do have one small note to add. This product does not disguise pores (it doesn’t claim to). Glowy products like this will actually emphasise pores if wore alone (they aren’t as obvious under foundation) so if wearing alone and you are conscious of visible pores be sure to pop on a nice pore filling primer. You can see what I mean below. Oh and btw..that glow on my chest is also the beauty base. Shaaawiiinnnggg!!

I know, I think I may have just sold this to you! I do apologise. But I feel it is my duty to let you all know as quick as possible if new releases are worth the hype and this one MOST DEFINITELY IS!!

I know lots of places have sold out of this product with orders due in soon but some of the stockists of this product are Roches Pharmacy who have it available on back order (Use code Adorn1 for 15% off plus free shipping) , Cloud10 and once in stock it can be purchased direct from the Sculpted By Aimee Website.

Are you tempted or have you already tried the product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below….

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