Sculpted By Aimee : Second Skin Dewy Foundation

I have to say… the more products I try from Sculpted by Aimee, the more I fall for this brand. I absolutely adore the beauty base (currently working my way through my third tube) so when I saw they were launching a foundation I was only delira with my life.

I chose the Dewy Finish as my skin is more normal to dry. It can get slightly oily on the chin and nose so some foundations do tend to wear off in these areas.

So let’s start with the claims of this foundation:

– 100% Mineral Liquid foundation

– Medium, Buildable coverage

– Allows skin to breath

– Radiant Glow

– Luminous Finish

– Does not settle into drier areas

– Hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid

– Protects with SPF 50 PA+++

– Anti-Aging and skin reviving as contains collagen and camomile oil

– Skin calming with Lavender oil

– Skin soothing with Aloe Vera Oil

– Hypoallergenic

– Non Comdegenic (Non pore clogging)

– No artificial fragrance, oils, preservatives

– Cruelty Free and Vegan

Sounds absolutely amazing? You can imagine how excited I was to get this on my face, right? So let me tell you a little bit about my experience of the latest Sculpted by Aimee foundation…..


When I first used this I was surprised at how thick the formulation was. I did not expect to like this and I have to say it did take me a while to get the hang of the thicker formula.

I discovered from using this that a beauty blender just did not work for me. As this is a thick formulation, it contains loads of oils which does not mix well with the damp beauty blender. Oil and Water just don’t work together.

So, to get the most from this I tend to apply it one of two ways. I use a kabuki style brush and this works lovely. You can pat over this with a beauty blender to lift some of the product from the skin leaving a more natural finish. However, like most foundations of this consistency I LOVE to apply this with my fingers and really work it into the skin. Plus it takes no time at all and you get a beautifully natural finish. I tend to go around my nose and brows with a brush to give a seamless look.

Another thing I find with this foundation. When I applied my Tarte Shape Tape concealer on top of this and tried to blend with a beauty blender it starts to take away the product. I now use a brush or my ring fingers to apply the foundation. I did not have the same issue with Maybelline Age Rewind concealer because this has a much lighter consistency.

BUT….When you get the application of this right the formulation is amazing and looks absolutely stunning on the skin.

Coverage and Finish

The finish of this foundation is beautiful. I feel it gives a lovely amount of coverage, which definitely can be built up. Although the coverage is quite decent, it still has a lovely radiance to it that makes the skin look flawless but glowy. Exactly what I want from a medium, buildable foundation.

Let’s talk staying power! I have talked to some people who had problems with this wearing off in certain areas of their face. I have to be honest and say I have not had the same issues.

I am using the beauty base as a primer but if you are experiencing this issue maybe switch up your primer or leave your primer to settle a little longer on your skin before applying Second Skin.

Patting a setting powder into the area where you have the wear off is also a great way to ensure the product lasts a little longer.

Useful Tip: If you don’t like a powdery finish to your skin simply spritz with a setting spray to remove the chalkiness.

I also haven’t found this to settle into drier areas so the claims seem to stand on this one.

Skincare benefits

I really cannot speak about these claims too much. Yes, I most definitely find that this foundation is hydrating but I have not seen any other real skincare benefits. Maybe this will change over time and if it does I will be sure to update you here.

The SPF 50 freaked me a bit. I was nervous that this would give flashback in photos but I have tried taking photos of this several ways and THANKFULLY, no flashback that I can see.

Oh, I also have had zero breakouts from this foundation so the non comdegenic claim seems to be spot on for my sensitised skin.


I also love the sleekness of the packaging. The pump can be a little tricky. I find you have to pump it a few times before you get product out of it. This can be a little frustrating but so worth it when the product comes out. Otherwise, I love the packaging. You did a go job Sculpted by Aimee.


I think €27 is an unreal price for this product. This is available in selected stockists or from Sculpted by Aimee’s website. Roches also stock this and you can use my code Adorn1 to save a few euro (not an affiliate).

My shades are Light for non tan days and Medium plus is my tanned shade. If you are a fan of medium coverage, that is most definitely buildable but still want your skin to look radiant and natural then this foundation will be right up your street in my opinion. There is also a matte version available for oilier skins.

Have you tried this foundation or the Matte version yet?

Please let me know your thoughts below..

Remember, I am only one person with one skin type. To get a full picture of how well this new release from Sculpted by Aimee works before you buy be sure to check out other peoples reviews. With this in mind, be sure to leave your experiences below and rate this product below. That way others can get a clear picture on how this works for a larger population of people.

If you want to hear my thoughts on the Sculpted by Aimee Beauty Base, you can check out my review here.

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Until next time…

Anita xxx

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