SoSu Highlighter Kit

Prepare to fall in love!!

I wanted to get my hands on the SoSu Highlighter Kit for months and finally bit the bullet a while back. Let’s just say it was €30 well spent, this stuff hasn’t left my face since it arrived in my hand!

This palette consists of three baked (5g each) and three pressed powder (8g each) highlighters . The colours range from a stunning bronze shade to a very subtle champagne. The pressed powder formula is much more pigmented and flat when compared to the baked which gives a much more metallic, 3D finish. But, the formulation within each category (pressed or baked)  is consistent making me feel that these products are high quality and well researched. This product is made in China which instantly puts doubt in my head but after using these I am delighted to say that they feel, apply and last like high end products.

I do have to say that although the packaging is very pretty, it is quiet big making this one that I would probably leave at home while travelling. It is heavy cardboard and although it feels sturdy this wouldn’t be my first choice! It is however pretty to look at and the rose gold detail on the white is beautiful. I also like the fact that it has a magnetic closure so it won’t open when you don’t want it to.

Let’s talk about the shades. So starting with the top row which is the pressed highlighters.

Melted Gold is a bronze shade with some golden undertones. This is definitely not one to be worn as a highlight on paler skin but it is beautiful when used to top off a blush or even more stunning on darker skin tones to highlight. I add this to my eyeshadow too for some extra glow on the eyes.

Moon Sparkle is a soft pink with some silver undertones. This is super pigmented and one of my favourites in the palette for paler skins. I often mix this one with the baked powders to up the wow factor. This is also amazing as an inner corner highlight and on the tip of the nose.

Shooting Star is a light yellow gold shade again with some serious pigment. This is sunning on it’s own or mixed with others for a more subtle way to wear it. Be warned though, if using this on its own use a light hand as it can be very striking if applied with any pressure.

The texture of the pressed powders is so soft and buttery. These can also be used wet on the eyes creating an even stronger look! There is no glitter particles in any of these shades, thankfully!!!

Unicorn Dust is the first of the baked powders and for me is so much more subtle than the ones above. The formulation of the baked powder is much drier. This shade is a champagne colour. It is the one I go to on a daily basis and mix with others depending on the level of highlight I want. Again another beautiful product for on the eyes.

Peach Smoothie is a medium peach with some stunning gold undertones. I only use this to top off my blush as opposed to actually highlighting with it. I do use this a lot on my eyes though and it looks great.

Candy Crush is a peachy pink bronze shade. It is more pink based than Melted Gold. Another great blush topper or highlight for darker skins.

You can see that not only are these shades great highlighters but they are lovely to use over blush or eye shadow to add some extra glow! I genuinely use and love all the shades in this palette and that would be very rare for me. There is usually always something I don’t get use from. This product gets a 4.5/5 loosing a small amount of points for the packaging.

This palette is available in lots of stockists around the country and here on the SoSu website. It is €30 and in my opinion well worth the spend.

Have you tried this product yet or anything else from the SoSu range? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Anita XXX


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