SOSUbySJ X Rosie Connolly Radiant Magic Palette Review

UHHHH I am so excited for this palette launch. It’s rare that something gets me this excited but once I seen this palette I knew we would get on. The new SoSu x Rosie Connolly Radiant Magic Palette is everything I want in a face palette.

So what is this palette all about? It contains a matte bronzer, a matte cool toned contour powder, 2 blushes (a coral orange shimmer blush and a cool toned pink shimmer blush) and also 2 UNREAL highlights (a golden and rose gold).

The quality is pretty spot on with this palette. The matte bronzer and contour shade really have decent pigment but blends very well into the skin so no issues with chalky, cakey looking cheek bones.

These blushes are totally up my street. Pink and Coral are my go to colours and add in a shimmer and I am good to go. The Coral shade reminds me of Luminoso from Milani, maybe slightly darker. If you don’t like shimmery cheeks this palette may not be for you though as both blushes are pretty glowy. But, if you do like a glow, you will love these two. I do find the coral shade to have slightly less pigment than the pink so I tend to like this as a blush topper as opposed to a stand alone blush.

The highlights are another level (just look at the swatch). They are really intense and highly pigmented. Just be careful when applying. A little goes a long way. Again, if you are not a fan of strong highlights, this may not be the best option although they can be dulled down by applying a small amount of translucent powder on top.

Overall, this is just a fab palette. I loved the original highlight palette from SoSu and this has just brought their products to a new level. Very impressed indeed. As I said, the shades do pack a serious punch so be sure to use a light hand.

The pans are a very decent size too. The packaging is very similar to the original highlight palette and the contour palette. Good quality and durable!

So, what do you think? Did you order it yet? It’s absolutely stunning right?

So, I did receive this from SoSubySJ however you know by now, that wouldn’t effect my opinion at all. But, I think you can tell from the excited tone of this post how much I am obsessed with this. I instantly loved it and that won’t change. I received this in advance of the launch as I was working on a project with the brand so that’s the reason I can review it so quickly because I have been playing with this for a while now.

You can purchase this palette directly from the SOSUbySJ website and they will be available in stockists very soon. To check out my review of the original Highlight palette from SOSUbySJ the brand check out my review here.

Let me know your thoughts below…

Anita xx

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