Summer Skin Essentials

Summer skin to me is not all about slathering myself in fake tan. Instead I think of healthy, glowing, soft skin with a touch of tan. Today I want to share with you all the products I use to prep, tan and maintain a summer glow.

Let’s start with prep:

Exfoliators are essential for ensuring your skin is rid of dead cells and old tan. Glowing skin can be faked but why bother when you can get a beautiful glow by scrubbing in the shower. My preferred choice of exfoliators would be ones that don’t contain a lot of oils and also have tiny beads. I find the oil stays on the skin and can break down any tan applied on top and I also find that the smaller the bead, the better the scrub. My favourite is definitely the St Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer. This is absolutely brilliant. It gives a deep scrub without irritating the skin. I use this to prep  and remove old tan and I even use it when I am not wearing tan just to give my skin an extra glow. I use this twice a week religiously. And it’s only €5.99 for a 200ml bottle. I buy mine from FeelUnique.

Moisturisers are also an essential! However, they can ruin your tan too. Oil based products again will strip any fake tan so be sure to choose an oil free version. Use a moisturiser on knees, elbows, feet, hands and face before applying your tan to avoid it clinging to drier areas. My favourite for this is also from St Moriz. Their Moisturising Tan Enhancer is insanely hydrating, lightweight and most definitely extends the life of my fake tan. Oh, and it doesn’t break me out when I use it on my face. Again it is only €5.99. You can buy it here.

Developing fake tan is my preferred formula for a base tan. I am very fussy though. I really only like mousse formulas and I cannot stand sleeping in tan so it has to be a quick developing tan. I am totally obsessed with the Bellamianta Rapid Dark Mousse. This is available in a lotion too if you prefer that formulation or have drier skin. This tan develops in as little as two hours (leave on longer for darker tan), wears off extremely well and gives the most amazing golden glow. I have nothing bad to say about this product. Check out this link for a full list of stockists. This product is €24.95 for 150ml.

Gradual tans are such a multi use product. Use them as a way of topping up and maintain your natural or fake tan. Use it on your face, hands and feet to avoid making these areas too dark or use it daily on its own to build up a lighter tan on the entire body or just the face. I use gradual tanners all the time as I find they look really natural and always make the skin glow beautifully. My product of choice is the Moroccan Tan Glow 2 in 1 Extender. This is so hydrating, smells yummy and gives the most beautiful radiance to the skin. It contains Argan oil so this is why it is such a luxurious product. And best of all it comes in a mousse, yaassss!!! This can be difficult to find but it is available from Sweet Squared (professionals only) and it is stocked in some salons.

Instant tans can be great for a quick fix. My favourite for this and also for applying over tan to give my skin the most incredible glow is the Vita Liberata Body Blur. I reviewed this fully here so go check it out for all the details. This is the most amazing product I have ever used in my tanning life and it is something I recommend to everyone whether you are a tan lover or a newbie.

Facial tanners are great for anyone that suffers from breakouts and congestion. I can wear my regular tan on my face without any issues however recently I was introduced to something that has made me change my facial tanning game. The Bronz’ Express Magic Radiance Drops are fantastic as they can be added to your moisturiser to add a tan to the area. You get the benefit of your normal skincare with the glow of a fake tan. Genius right?! This is €22.95 and is available in lots of pharmacies nationwide including Lloyds, McCabes, Sam McCauleys and lots more.

Shimmering Body Oils are a great way to add some extra sexiness to the arms, decollete  and legs. I love to use the Cocoa Brown Goddess oils for this. These are really lightweight, they don’t break down the tan and they make you glow like nothing else. This type of product brings your tan to a new level. I even apply this to the tops of my cheeks for some extra fun. Cocoa Brown is available in so many stockists including Penneys and is €11.95 for a 50ml glass bottle.

Tanning mitts are an essential for applying all types of tan. I have used so many but my favourite is the Bellamianta one. These are velvety soft and apply the tan seamlessly with minimal effort. I would highly recommend these. See above for a full stockist list.

So there ya have it! My absolute essentials for glowing, radiant, summer skin. What are your must haves? Have I featured any of your favourites? Let me know below.

Now, lets hope we get the weather I am tanning for.

Anita xx


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    Mary Cate Smith
    June 7, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Hey Anita, have you tried Fake Bake? It’s my fave but I find it dries a little bit too quickly and I’m looking for an alternative that is most similar to that? Any suggestions? Cocoa Brown for some reason doesn’t show up on my skin.

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      June 7, 2017 at 10:07 pm

      Hey. I used Fake Bake for years and found the same. Honestly you should try Bellamianta. Have you tried it yet? They have a mousse and a lotion x

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