Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Concealer is my nemesis!! I naturally have a very expressive face. But that can come with a price. My under eye area is full of expression lines and most concealers I have tried tend to settle into these lines and make the area look even more creepy than it does without makeup. When you spend time on your makeup you want it to make you look better not worse right?

Well I have FINALLY found my holy grail concealer and I am only too delighted to share it with you all!


The Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer is the business. This concealer is full coverage and yes it actually is super duper full coverage. This hides absolutely everything! Most full coverage base products tend to dry matte but not this one. It definitely does dry quickly and it won’t budge once it sets but it still leaves a radiance to the skin. This is honestly the only concealer I have ever tried that has this finish.

The formulation is not at all drying, in-fact I would call this a creamy consistency. As I mentioned above this really doesn’t move once it sets. You can set it with a powder but I tend to leave it without setting it as I prefer the look it gives. I find powders slightly mattifying it. You don’t need a powder, it isn’t going to move or wear off. That’s a promise.

If you already have fine lines under your eyes this is going to hide them because that really isn’t possible but it will not emphasise them or gives you extra lines that you didn’t even know existed.

I love the wand on this concealer and really wasn’t expecting it to be so big! I guess because it is designed to be used to contour and highlight it makes sense as it will cover a larger area. The wand is slanted so it makes it easy to get into the smaller, tighter areas of the face like the sides of the eyes, nose, mouth etc.

The packaging is sleek but very cute. The pop of purple on the lid is a lovely added touch.

I tried blending this product out with my fingers, a brush and a damp beauty sponge and the lather wins hands down. I actually think this product needs a tad bit of work to blend it out so the dampness of the sponge really works well to make it easier to achieve a flawless finish.

The only question I have over this product is the hygiene aspect. Although I do love a doe foot applicator! I always question actually how hygienic is it to place a wand on your face and then dip it back into the product to get more! The problem is this concealer is way too amazing for me not to use it because of hygiene reasons so I just have to live with it. Alternatively you could dispense some onto a palette and use a different brush.

This is definitely not an easy product to get your hands on but trust me it’s worth the effort. I bought mine from QVC UK and I use the shade Light-Medium. It’s my perfect colour as it is around two shades lighter than my skintone so perfect to brighten up my under eye area. It is too light for me to use to cover blemishes on my face though. The more popular shades are sold out regularly on QVC! But, keep your eyes peeled on the website and grab it the next time it’s in stock in your shade. This is like nothing else you will have tried before!

I apologise in advance to your bank balance. This is just too nice of a concealer to not have in your makeup collection.

This costs £28 plus postage (€38.85 to be exact) for 10ml and its available here. You also get a beauty sponge for this price which is a great bonus. The sponge itself is worth a go. It is so soft and luxurious and works amazing with the concealer.  I know its a hefty price tag for a concealer! But, considering the beauty blender can knock you back €19 and this sponge is just as good I would say we are on to a good thing here. Now, go get it!!!

It’s rare that I would tell people they need something but I actually cannot rave enough about this beauty!

Thank you Tarte for giving us the best concealer I have ever tried.

Obviously, this gets a 5/5 rating from me. What are your thoughts on it? Have you tried it and what are your thoughts on it?

Have a lovely day

Anita XX



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