The €10 Primark Palette you need to know about!

I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I photographed, I swatched, I road tested and now I am here to review! Can you believe the Primark Desert Queen palette is only a tenner! This is one I don’t think you will want to miss!

Firstly, the packaging is lush!! It is a very sturdy, hard plastic palette and looks way more expensive than a tenner! It also contains a decent size mirror, which I have to say I appreciate more now that I am trying out different eye shadow application techniques (more on this later).

The colours are really stunning in this palette. It is mainly a pinkish/purple palette with some oranges, yellows and even neutrals thrown in for good measure. This palette contains a mix of mattes, shimmers and metallics and has a whopper 22 (0.85g) shades to choose from.

I can honestly say I am pleasantly surprised (maybe shocked) at the quality of most of the shades in this palette. The shimmers and metallics are spot on and for the most part the mattes are very high quality. There is one shade that I feel is lacking a little juz and that’s Earth which is the darkest of the mattes. But otherwise I cannot complain. Very decent quality indeed!

On first swatch I really loved the look of the shadows but as we all know by now , finger swatches tell us diddly squat about the pigmentation of the shadows so I had to investigate further. I tried them on my eyes and the pigmentation is just as good. The mattes (except the one) really pack a punch while the shimmers/metallic shades are up there!! Best of all, the shadows stayed put for a minimum of 10 hours with no issues. Obvs with a base coat applied before.

There are one or two points to note. The formulation can be a little chalky and they can loose pigmentation when blended out. This is something you can work on by applying to a wet base or by adding in the more colour if it fades out! It isn’t something that has bothered me and I can genuinely say this palette is one that I will be using on a regular basis.

Overall, I just don’t think you can’t beat a palette like this!! Great packaging, fab colours, very decent quality and all for a tenner!!

I only have one last thing left to say and that is!!! Will you be purchasing this ?

Available in Primark/Penneys stores now!! Be sure to let me know below what you think of it when you get your hands on it!!

Thanks for stopping by. You can stop drooling now!!

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This was a press sample sent by Primark for consideration of review. All opinions are my own and not sponsored in any way.

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