TMC Femme Fatale – Review and Swatches

It feels like an age since I published my last nail blog post. I just haven’t felt inspired to write anything nail related in so long but thankfully things are changing. The Manicure Company’s latest Femme Fatale collection really sparked so much creativity in me. From the minute I seen them I just loved what they were about. Bold, bright but with some added sass and sultry vibes. The collection is pretty impressive BUT some of the shades do come with a warning. Read on to hear more.

Let’s go through the shades one by one shall we?


This is a stunning metallic deep purple shade. It reminds me a lot of the Cadbury’s purple and I am sure this will be a very popular shade for the colder months. This applied really well with two coats BUT did have some shrinkage when I applied thicker layers so be careful with application.


This unique shade is a blue based shimmer but most definitely leans on the purple side depending on what way the light hits it. This could almost pass as a glitter but the particles are very delicate. I had zero issues with this shade. In fact I thought it applied really well. This shade would be lovely on it’s own or paired with a chunky glitter for some added bling.


This is most definitely one of the most popular shades. The jewel toned wine (slightly brown depending on the light) shade is so classic and sophisticated that any one will get away with wearing this. This does need two or three layers to build up the pigmentation but it lasts really well once the application is right. A firm favourite of mine.


Are you actually able for this shade? This screams winter luxury to me. Not only is this shade jam packed with glitter but the tone is just so on trend and suits so many different skin tones. At first, I thought this was a definite wine shade but the more I look at it the more I see purple undertones. It’s bloody gorgeous. Now….this one definitely comes with a warning!! The pigment is so rich and the glitter so intense that the cure time on this must be doubled to ensure it cures all the way through. To avoid any problems apply really thin layers and build up slowly. My brush on this one wasn’t great either. I feel like the glitter is so thick that the brush has almost gone out of shape. I seen another one and the brush wasn’t like mine so I am thinking I may have just got a dodge one. But, I am totally over it. This shade is just fab!!


This is such a fab jewel finish indigo blue. It goes on beautifully and looks amazing paired with mind games. This is one that is proving very popular and something that I believe can be worn all year round.


This is the classic icey shimmering silver. This is probably my least favourite of them all simply because I feel it lacks depth and pigment. I would have LOVED to have seen another glitter in this collection.  But, in saying that I will get use from the shade. It is a fab base for Christmas snow flake nails don’t ya think?

So, there you go. A little run through and review of each of TMC’s Femme Fatale shades. Overall, I do really like them and I am so glad I added these to my collection. However, as I mentioned a few times now, you do have to be careful with certain shades.

Have you tried this Femme Fatale collecction or are you planning to? What is your favourite shade from the collection?

The Femme Fatale can be bought direct from TMC website or Capital Hair and Beauty and The Hair and Beauty Company stock the brand too.

If you fancy checking out more reviews from me on this brand I will leave links here….

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you found my little round up informative. Have a great week.

Anita xxx

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