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Too Faced do some of my favourite beauty products. ‘Better than Sex’ is my go to mascara, no matter what the occasion and their ‘Chocolate Bar Palette’ and ‘Chocolate Soleil Bronzer’ are worthy of holy grail status in my collection at this point. When I was invited to trial out the latest eyeshadow palette launch, I was all over it. This was gifted to me but you know the drill, nothing but 100% honesty here!

First off, Too Faced Natural Love eyeshadow palette is Limited Edition so if you like what you see, get on it now. But you might want to read on first, as there is a pretty sizable price tag attached to this one. When I use this palette I constantly find myself asking is it worth €62! I did see other reviews mentioning that it was €72 but it is online at for €62!

So, in this post, which will be short I promise, I am going to not only tell you the pros and cons to this palette but also investigate if this palette is worth your hard earned dolla!!

You do get 30 eyeshdaows that are €0.8g each. The pans are smaller than some other palette in the Too Faced range but to be honest this doesn’t phase me. With 30 different options to choose from it will probably take you a fair amount of time to make your way round this one!

This palette takes some of the must have shades from Too Faced’s ‘Natural’ eyeshadow palette range and pairs them with some brand new shades, formulas and textures. To be exact, there are 13 old shades and 17 new. The 30 shades offer 7 matte, 13 shimmers (which are my favourites) and 10 sparkly ones!

If you already own the Natural Eyes, Natural Matte and Natural Night palettes from Too Faced then you will already own 13 of the 30 shades. Unless you want them all together in a very cute palette, then this might not be for you. BUT…if you have always lusted after those palettes and didn’t know which one to choose then this is definitely going to be something that will grab your attention. Or, if you simply love a neutral, natural eye palette then keep reading.

The key to good shadows for me is pigmentation and blendability.  Do these shadows have that? Yep, for the most part they definitely do. The mattes can be a little tricky to work with, they have considerably good pigmentation but sometimes I feel I need to build them up for the pigmentation to really grab. I always run to the blacks in palettes as a test to see how good the matte’s really are and Stiletto isn’t half bad, a little chalky but very buildable. It is great for a liner too if mixed with some makeup setting spray.

The shimmers are stunning. There is only one I don’t enjoy but I particularly love Cutie Patootie and Coffee Date. They have very good pay off (apart from Honeymoon which doesn’t offer much) and they don’t loose that beautiful shimmer when applied to the lid. You will get some fall out with these, so maybe do your eyes first.

The sparkles are probably my least favourite. Although they have great depth and they bring this palette from a day look to a sexy evening look I just feel they are a little choppy and the sparkle, which I love, doesn’t stay put on the eyes as much as I would like it to.

Overall, the shadows are super quality. They are buttery soft, and the shades work great together to give a high quality, day to night palette with a variety of colours and finishes. Unless you are looking for brights I do think this is a complete neutral palette. It has everything you need to create a variety of looks. I do like to add some makeup setting spray on my brush if I am looking for a stronger, more metallic finish to the shimmers or sparkles.

If I had one criticism about this palette it is that they have included too many lighter shades. The first row alone houses 5 pale, base type shades. Heaven would have been enough in my opinion. Replace these with some more orange tones and I would be happy out!

So, we know that the shadows have stood up to the testing but what about the overall look and feel of the palette. Well, first off how can you deny the cuteness of the packaging. The floral, nature theme fits well with the overall idea of the palette. The names of the shadows are seriously adorable and the full size mirror is a big plus for anyone that wants to travel with this palette.

However, the packaging itself lacks the feel of a luxury, €62 palette. It is hard cardboard and although it is compact and lightweight I did expect more from Too Faced on this considering their track record. The Chocolate Bar palette has tin casing which is a much better alternative in my humble opinion.

Although the packaging is very cute and girly I do personally feel that the design is a little dated. I would have liked to see a more sophisticated, modern style. I think then this palette may have been taken a little more serious. The quality of the shadows is as good as the next brand but the packaging is only hitting a niche market which is a big pity for me.

So, to wrap up this review. Who would not enjoy this palette?! The bright, colour loving shadow feens who crave a bold eye on a daily basis. The person who owns the other Natural palettes that doesn’t want to have more of the same shades or the person that simply thinks €62 is too much for a palette.

Who would love it?! Neutral, natural makeup lovers.  People who don’t mind spending €62 on a limited edition palette or someone that has lusted after Too Faced palettes before but never knew which one to buy. This one is a great option as it has a variety of what Too Faced have to offer, all in one cute little makeup home. Too Faced fans will love this. I know I am a big fan.

Would I spend €62 on a palette? Yes I have to admit I would. I have spent €50 for 4 Charlotte Tilbury shadows in the past. Why would I not spend €62 for 30,particularly when they are from one of my favourite makeup brands. One word of advice though. If you do buy this palette don’t be afraid to explore and try new looks. I see lots of people are unsure of this palette but it’s mainly because they are sticking to what they know. It’s only makeup, it can be washed off if it goes wrong.

What do you think? Would you spend €62 on this palette? Do you think it’s overpriced or totally worth it?

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