Top Five Primers

How the hell did I manage to narrow down all my primers to just these five?! I’ve no idea!

Bare in mind, I haven’t tried every primer on the market but, over the years I have used my fair share of them and I have to say these five (except one, which is only new to me) I have used and repurchased time and time again! Wanna see?? Keep scrolling…

Let’s start with the most recent to my collection and the most expensive may I add.  The Vita Liberata beauty blur is described as a HD primer and skin finish.

Have you tried Body Blur? Yeh? Well, it’s the same technology as that except it is transformed to work on the face instead. My full review of body blur is here if you fancy taking a look.

Beauty Blur is a skin tone optimizer which basically means it will disguise any imperfections, make your skin tone look more even and also do a bit of colour correcting. It can be used as a primer or a skin finish. It leaves a beautiful ‘glowing from within’ look to the skin which means that it is perfect for wearing on no makeup days too. It’s also has lots of skincare benefits but the main reason I like this is because not only does my skin look great after use, it also feels hydrated, plump and comfortable. This for me is key for under my makeup.

It isn’t oily on the skin but I would suggest oilier skins might benefit from a mattifying primer under this to stop the glow getting too overpowering as the day goes on. I do think anyone with dry, normal or combination skin will adore this product.

It comes in 5 shades. My shade is latte light which is the 2nd palest shade. I could probably get away with the 3rd shade (Latte) at a stretch but I am pretty chuffed with the result the shade I have is giving me.

This can be used as a primer, mixed with foundation, on its own, or over foundation as a highlight. It is also fab on the collar bones for a sexy glow.

This primer isn’t the cheapest at €37 for 30ml. Roches pharmacy (who gifted this to me ) have given my followers a 15% off code (Adorn1) so if you fancy using this discount you can do so here.

Oh and one last thing. I love the packaging. The pump dispenser is super convenient and the bottle is sleek and pretty. I must admit the rose gold detail got me!

Keeping with the radiance primers I can honestly say I am totally obsessed with the Flormar Double Radiance Primer. This is by far my favourite primer to use when I need to up that glow! I have normal to dry skin that can look quiet dull at times so I always tend to opt for glowy products and this is a must have for me.

It gives such a great glow to the skin, probably too much to wear alone but it transforms any foundation that you wear it with.

You can see from the swatch picture at the end that this primer is the most liquid of the bunch.

I have a full review here if you want to check this one out but I promise if you like glowing skin and you have a medium skin tone, you won’t look back.  A wee word of warning, it is quiet orange on paler skins so try it out before you buy it. This retails at €12.95 for 30ml, not a bad price point at all. I buy my Flormar products in Penneys.

Benefit Porefessional is the Holy Grail to so many beauty lovers. Particularly if you have oilier skin, with enlarged pores you will love this. It definitely works to reduce the look of pores and also mattifies the skin leaving it ready to apply foundation on top. This Pearl version has the same benefits as the original primer but with a very subtle radiance to it. This makes the skin look less dull which is really important for oily skin. This type of skin can tend to look really sallow and can really lack life. The Pearl version adds back in that lost radiance, without causing excess oil.

When I first tried this I wasn’t sure! Probably because I expect it to be super glowing (and it most defeinitely isn’t) and because I have drier skin I don’t particularly need a mattifying primer. However, the more I use it, the more I like it. I use this only in my T zone where I have enlarged pores and it definitely makes a difference to my skin. It just looks more perfected. I do need a hydrating moisturiser under this though so bare that in mind if you tend to lean more on the drier side.

This is €34 for 22ml (actually, on a ml for ml basis this is more expensive than the Vita Liberata one) and is available at Benefit counters nationwide.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer is one of those primers that I go back to time and time again, an awl reliable I guess you would call it. There is nothing fancy about this primer, it just works and makes my skin look great. It isn’t highlighting at all. Infact, it is completely transparent on the skin but it does have a way of evening out the skin and making both pores and fine lines seem less obvious. It does contain silicone and it definitely has the texture of a silicone primer.

I also find that this, and the Benefit one above actually really do make my makeup last longer. It is also great for all skin types.

For me, this one is perfect for someone that wants a fuss free, low key primer, that makes your skin feel and look better. This is €22.50 for a 30ml and is available in Boots.


To be honest, I kinda had to save the best for last. The Fresh & Fit Awake Primer from essence cosmetics is my idea of a brilliant primer. First off it is less than €5 for 30ml, seriously, I know!

It is marketed as a ultra smooth primer that wakes up the skin while minimising the look of pores. It definitely is so smooth to apply. My skin instantly looks fresher,, healthier and happier when I wear this. It gives a lovely glow that isn’t too obvious but it’s enough. I am not so sure it minimises the look of pores though, maybe slightly but not enough to warrant the claims in my opinion. However, what it does do is more than enough. I am honestly so hyped about this primer and I am always recommending it to people. For the price it is something special and one I hope you will like too. And it smells pretty lovely too.

I would recommend this primer for everyone, except oily skin. However, if you have oily skin and love this do let us know below.

This primer and all essence products are available on essence stands throughout the country. I buy mine from Penneys or Dunnes.

The above photo shows the comparison of the primers. From left to right, Vita Liberata, Flormar, Benefit, No7 and essence.

So, what do you think of my top picks? It so bloody hard to whittle it down to only five. I could have added more and I do have new ones I am trying that may soon be a top pick (if they are i’ll do a review separate). But, I chose these five because I believe in them. I’ve tested them and I am happy to recommend them to you all.

Let me know if you try or have tried any of these! What is your favourite primer?

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope I didn’t bore you too much.

‘Till next time…..

Anita x

As mentioned above, The Vita Liberata beauty blur was gifted to me. However this does not alter my opinion in any way. For my full disclaimer on gifted products please visit my about me page



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