Top Three Beauty Sponges for the perfect blend

First off, if you haven’t tried a beauty sponge to blend out your cream products then you are in for a treat. However, if you have and haven’t found them a huge success then hopefully this post will not only explain my Top 3 beauty sponges but also give you some added ways to get the most from your sponge.

What are beauty sponges actually used for:
  • Originally they were designed simply to apply foundation which they are great at but I feel they have so much more to offer
  • They are AMAZEBALLS for blending out your under eye concealer. I don’t care, nothing blends my concealer out better than a beauty sponge.
  • Cream contour and blush melt into the skin after blending with these. I do tend to apply my contour with a brush or direct from the stick but for blending out the beauty sponge is the best way
  • When you just want everything to look seamless the beauty sponge is the way to go. Even if you use a brush to apply your foundation, I would always recommend going back over it with a sponge to perfect it. I would use this method for thicker foundations. Buff with a brush and then tap over with your sponge…Ah Perfection…
  • Beauty sponges are not only fo liquid products. I love to use a damp sponge with some loose powder to set my under eye and sometimes even my whole face
  • Finally, and probably my favourite way to use these is to apply setting spray once my makeup is complete, wait and then tap the excess in with a beauty sponge. This brings the whole face to life.

Just a couple of things before we get on to my favourites. Always use your sponge damp (preferably warm water). Always tap the product into the skin with a sponge, never drag as this will just move the product and make it streaky. And, just be warned. Depending on the sponge it, they can soak up a lot of product which in the end will cost you extra. The ones I mention below ain’t too bad but you will always have an element of this. Once it’s not excessive it’s a compromise I am willing to take.

My Top Three Beauty Sponges

Ok, my all time favourite has to be the original Beauty Blender. Nothing really compared but because of it’s pretty decent price tag I tried to find an alternative. I did find something but the one thing the other one lacks is lasting power. The material the Beauty Blender is made from makes it SUPER durable, long lasting and basically shatter proof. It’s just so good. I find it blends everything perfectly. I would prefer if it had a flat edge as I enjoy this for cleaning up areas. The makeup nerd in me does like that they come in different colours but as I said thy are pretty pricey at €22. Roches stock them as well as lots of other places.

I bet you are dying to hear my alternative. The SoSubySJ Pro Blender caught my eye, firstly because it’s black and secondly because Paula Callan said it was her favourite. She wasn’t wrong. This sponge does everything the beauty blender does but for almost a quarter of the price. Yep it’s only €5.95 (here and here). I love the shape of this sponge and find it blends just as good. The material definitely isn’t as durable or as firm as the Beauty Blender so it won’t last as long but I tend to throw my sponges away every couple of month so this doesn’t cause me any issues. It just depends on what you want from a sponge. If longevity is important to you then the Beauty Blender is the best place to start. If you are happy to compromise on this then you can’t beat the SoSu equivalent.

The last one I wanted to mention is another OG product. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is another great alternative. At €7.99 (here) this is super affordable and readily available. I do love how firm this sponge is. It reminds me more of the Beauty Blender material. I also love the shade of this as it allows you to get in to the harder to reach areas. However, the firmness is also a slightly problem for me. I actually think, depending on what you are applying this product can be too firm and can tend to move the product and sometimes remove it. If you are gentle and use it with the right product I think its great and worth trying but it can be a little temperamental in my opinion.

My Final Thoughts

There isn’t much between the three of these sponges. They are definitely the top three I have used and ones I wouldn’t have a problem with recommending to anyone. If you want affordable and don’t mind the lack of firmness and don’t expect it to last for years then the SoSu is my first choice. If you want quality, Beauty Blender is your new BFF. While the Real Techniques gives the firmness without the price tag.

Which one would you choose? Let me know your favourite sponge below. I need to try more. I use them every single day!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this was helpful as well as giving you something else to add to your lust list.

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Anita xxx

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