Top Three: Mac Nude Liners

Since Kylie Jenner burst onto the scene with her new pout the makeup world has gone crazy for liners. Yes, lots of girls are opting to get lip fillers but if you are not ready for that don’t fret as with the right lip products you can fake a fuller pout.


My favourite product to help give the illusion of bigger lips is lip liner. The quality can vary drastically and so too can the formula. I personally don’t like a hard lip liner and when I am trying to get precision I don’t like a soft formula either. This is where Mac comes in! The formula of their lip liners is perfect for me. It isn’t too hard nor is it too soft. It allows me to get a precise line without pulling the skin.

I have three favourites that I use day in day out. They are all neutral toned and suit so many different skin tones. Let me show you…


First up is the browner of the three, ‘Stripdown’. This is simply a brown, beige. I use all the liners I am talking about today as a lip liner and also to fill in my entire lip.


This makes the lippie or gloss I apply over it last longer. Also when the lippie wears off there isn’t an obvious line around my lip!


I love using Mac Strip down with browney nudes. I love it with Mac’s Velvet Teddy especially or NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramasu.


Next up is ‘Whirl’ which when compared to Stripdown has a pinkier tone to it. Kylie Jenner made this liner one of Mac’s Holy Grail products, a claim that is well deserved.


This is a dusky rose brown shade. It matches my lips perfectly and gives me a really believable fuller pout. I pair this mostly with Mac Faux which is my favourite lip combo EVER!!


I cannot tell you what lip liner will be your exact match. We all strive for the “your lips but better liner” but this one is most definitely mine and it is more than likely a good place for you to start if you have typical light/medium skin tone!


Lastly is one that has a darker pink tone to it. ‘Sore’ is a deeper pink than Whirl but still does have a slight brownish undertone. This gives that rosy lip look but still looks super natural. There is nothing OTT about this liner so perfect if you are a looking for flush lips without the extra drama.


I like to wear this alone if I am looking for a matte lip or top it with clear gloss for extra dimension. Obviously, you can theme this with your favourite lipstick but it is pretty damn fab on its own too.


Mac lip liners have become a favourite of mine in the last while. You could say they are overpriced at €17.50 a pop but as the formula isn’t too soft you don’t use a lot of it so one of them lasts you a very long time. Just don’t loose them like I have a habit of doing!! They are just so damn small and my handbag is massive!! Lol

If you want to overdraw your lips while still making them look fuller here is a little tip. We all have a white line running outside our natural lip line. Line around this instead of your natural lip line. This will give your pout an extra oomph and still look subtle.

What is your all time favourite lip liner? Are you a fan of Mac lip liners? Let me know below.

Mac Cosmetics is available in Brown Thomas, BT2 and online here.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Pouting

Anita XXX

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