Toppers Nails – Review and Swatches

I love an awl glittery nail me!! And so when I came across Toppers Nails I was so intrigued to find out more. Just wait until you see the swatches? So, what are Toppers? Well, they are basically a gel polish top coat, but with a difference. Each top coat has a different glitter mixed in with it. When applied over a colour it transforms it, giving it a totally different finish and in some cases even changing the colour.

Let’s take a look at the swatches before I dive into my review…

First up is Top Secret.

This one reminds me of a gel version of a mermaid dust. Soooo Pretty!! It has a bluish undertone so depending on what colour you put underneath the blues and turquoise shades in this top coat will show up more..


Next is Top Cutie which is probably my fave of them all.

This one has a very fine golden base with some larger chunks of purples and pinks. It goes beautiful over any shade really but particularly over black, purples and pinks.

Top Heart is a very simple shade but really effective over so many complimentary colours.

The pink and silver glitter mix makes this so versatile and something that would suit so many nail designs.

Last up is Top Night which is has a mix of matte and shiny glitters.

The black and white flecks are so unique in this one and the blue sparkle adds a very cool dimension. I’m really into this and would be fab for Winter nails I think.

So what do I think of the Topper Universal Top Coats? Here is a round up of my thoughts:

  • Absolutely love how versatile they are. Add any of these to you collection of gel polishes and you instantly have more choices available to you and your clients. Check out Toppers Maths to see just how many different looks you can achieve with these
  • They are so smooth when applied. You would never know there was glitter in them. Zero chunkiness but do apply in thin layers. There is a tendency to float these type of products on the nail but they don’t work well like that
  • Toppers products are animal-friendly and registered with the Vegan Society as vegan gel polish top coats
  • They cure in UV in 2 minutes and LED in 30 seconds
  • 20 different finish available.
  • There are a mix of finishes, glitter, polka dots, matte, iridescent, sparkly, you name it, they got it
  • They are reasonably priced at €14.20 each.
  • You can use these on their own as a no wipe top coat but I found some of them tended to chip so my advice would be to apply a thin layer of your regular (Toppers also have one) top coat to seal the deal. There would be no need to do this over gel or acrylic, just on natural nails with gel polish.
  • Shipping is expensive enough but Toppers are looking for Irish stockists. If any stockists are interested in hearing more get in touch with the brand. We need these polishes in Ireland a.s.a.p!!

Overall, I am really delighted to have found this brand. I love using them and love to mix them and experiment with new ways of using them.

Huge thumbs up from me.

Have you tried Toppers Top Coats yet or have you tried something similar? Will you be trying them now? I bet you will…

You can read more about the brand and shop the top coats here.

Happy painting

Anita xxx

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