YSL All Hours Foundation

Could this possibly be the best foundation currently on the market?!! It might just be….YSL All Hours Foundation is genuinely like no other I have tried to date.

This formula is oil free promising to give a matte finish. However, for me, it most definitely doesn’t leave the skin matte or dull looking. Instead it gives a natural finish (with a hint of a glow) that feels so comfortable to wear.

Although the name suggests it is full coverage I personally think it gives a medium to full coverage. It can be mixed with a primer or moisturiser for a lesser coverage and can be built to a (almost) full coverage by stippling the product on to certain areas with a kabuki style brush. A damp makeup sponge will give this a medium coverage. My preference is the brush (sucker for extra coverage).

It is highly pigmented so a little amount goes a really long way and two small pumps cover my entire face. Not bad right?!

It’s available in 22 shades and from looking at reviews I think people in general are pretty impressed with the shade range. I’m shade BD25 with no tan and BD45 for my fake tan days. I absolutely adore the shade BD45 with a tan, it looks so natural and blends great into my neck and chest.

I do feel that this foundation needs powdering down to ensure it lasts all day, otherwise I noticed separation around my nose and chin area. Oily gals, be sure to give this a decent powdering.

Drier skins will need to prep the skin well before using this as it does tend to cling on a tad. Normal to Oilier skins, you are going to adore this. My normal to combo skin cannot get enough of it.

So…..Above is a photo of how this foundation in shade BD45 looks on me after a full 10 hours wear, with zero touch ups and no filters or photoshopping done. I did take this photo with a ring light on a low setting, just to show up any shiny areas.

The swanky bottle is just an added bonus. If the performance of this isn’t enough for you then maybe the sophisticated, sexy bottle might convince you. In true YSL style the packaging screams luxury, most definitely something to show off on your dressing table. At €42 (that’s the cheapest I found, in Boots) I think you would want to get your monies worth right?!

There is a gentle fragrance to this foundation. I have to admit, I kinda like that. It makes me feel like I am using something very fancy indeed. If you aren’t a fan of fragrance then you might not be a fan, although it is quiet faint.

Overall, I cannot fault this and I can honestly say this is my favourite foundation of the moment and has been since I tried it late last year.

I’m sorry but I have to give this a 5 out of 5 rating. I cannot get enough of it!!! Rate it below and let everyone know how you feel about this beaut!

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